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lucerne/engelberg itiernary

i will be staying in Switzerland for 2 days. I was considering Lucerne/Engelberg. I am not too interested in cities and more in nature, chocolate and cheese! (and wine if possible)..

day 1 arrive to Lucerne from Munich, Germany. Get on a cable car to Mt Pilatus. Go to Engelberg.
day 2 go to the Engelberg show cheese factory. Look around.

Is there a good place for chocolate/wine around here?

Also, which is better in August? Mt Pilatus or Titlis?

Thank you :)

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Titlis is in the next League above Pilatus.
Pilatus is 2128 metres above sea level. That is well above Luzern (Lake Luzern aka Vierwaldstättersee is 433 metres asl). But that is below the permanent snow line. In August there will be no snow.

Titlis is 3238 metres asl, and just above the permanent snow line. It has a small glacier, which you can go inside and take a chair lft over. I recommend Titlis, even though the cable car up costs a bit more. See

Since the Titlis cable-car starts from Engelberg, you can combine both on the same day. On the other day take a boat trip on the lake.

There is no local wine in the Luzern area, the climate is too cool due to the altitude.

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Thank you so much! But I didn't understand what you meant by being able to do both on the same day? Do you mean see Pilatus, then go to Engelberg to go to Titlis on the same day?

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I meant you could go up Titlis and visit the cheesery in Engelberg Abbey on the same day.

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Did that last year. Engelberg has a cable car (end of the road, almost) that runs up to Brunnihuette (hotel/restaurant right at the station) and the trail to Rugghubelhuette. About a 3-4 hour hike with beautiful views and mountain goats. Even a gate with a sign that read, I forget the German, but 'please don't let the goats out'--with no clear way tell which side they should be on.

Information on the huts:

Information on the cable car: (top one for Brunni')

Good choices all around. Whatever you choose will be great.

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Lucerne is a good place to visit, too. Lucerne is great for a big city in that it isn't really a big city. It's a college town--come at the end of exams. They are crazy :). Good pizzeria with gluten free pizzas--if you need it it is a lifesaver.

Good trip!