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Looking for very rustic accommodations in Zermatt -help?

I am taking my 2 daughters to Zermatt in June of 2015 and I am trying, so far unsuccessfully, to find a small, rustic rental in Zermatt. We need one bedroom and a kitchen, but I don't want to be in a big, multi-level ski chalet. I'm looking for a tiny cabin, maybe up on one of the hillsides. (Think of Heidi and her grandfather!)
Does anyone have any ideas for me?

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You might try Graechen or Embd. Zermatt is just a little too busy and popular for such idyllic lodgings. I'm sure you could find such places all over Switzerland, but not in a big name resort town.

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Thanks for the idea. We had a great time in Murren a few years ago, but from online pictures, it looks like Zermatt is full of huge, muti-story houses all close together. I started looking at Randa instead. I'll check out your suggestions.

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There are some very rustic lodgings, but these aren't chalets for rent. More like guesthouses for hikers. You generally have to walk up a steep trail to reach them. And they usually don't open until late June or early July.

How old are the daughters? If relatively young, look into Flumserberg. It strikes a nice balance between not being overrun by the international tourist trade, but still having enough infrastructure to easily support a casual visitor. It also sits at an altitude only a little lower than Mürren. It isn't a single small distinct village, but several hamlets spread out over the side of the mountain. You'll need a car. Flumserberg is particularly good for families with smaller children because you can walk over several kilometers of relatively flat trails near the top of the mountain. Of course, you have to get there first, but you can ride a ski gondola.

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Actually, it occurs to me that the village of Findeln above Zermatt might suit you. Your price point should be on the high end if you can find anything. The fact that there are several restaurants which rate very high despite their outward rustic appearance is a tell.

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If you don't find something in Findeln then look at this link:

These are not individual houses for rent but are literally 'huts in the Alps'. They are all run by the individual sektionen of the SAC-CAS (Suisse Alpine Club). Some are tiny and some are grand, but they are each incredible and unique.

They also have a Family Friendly (Familien Freundliche) brochure.

Depending on the age of your daughters one (or some) of these might be what you are looking for. If they are maybe 13+ you might even think about the Monte Rosa hut.

I have a 3-1/2 year-old daughter that stayed at her first five huts last trip--all from the Family Friendly list. Going back with her, now 4-1/2, and expect her to love it even more. She loved going 'from house to house'.

Best wishes!