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Looking for suggestions for Murren/Lauterbrunnen!

Hi guys,

My husband and I are going to stay in Murren for a few nights in June and were wondering if you guys have any suggestions on what we should do.
We are heading up to Schilthorn for one of the days. But I can't imagine it takes up the whole day, so is there anything else we should definitely do while we are at Schilthorn? Like hike somewhere? What are your favorite places to eat around there?

We are also going to Grindelwald for one of the days. We are planning to hike to Bachalpsee, zipline at First, and do the First Cliff Walk. We want to rent some trotti bikes but not sure where. Where should we eat around there?

Would it be worth it to go to Aareslucht after Grindelwald?

Other things: we enjoy hiking so it'd be amazing if you could give us some suggestions on good hiking trails with breathtaking views. We also enjoy chilling with some beers while enjoying the Alps.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Consider hiking The North Face Trail form Allmendhubel. It's a loop trail that is quite easy and has spectacular scenery. Just google it and see what you think.

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I rented bikes from murren and went down hill to latuerbrunnen. Stopped by here and there ate food enjoyed drinks and saw the views which are amazing. I also did paragliding off from murren if that's your thing ?

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"What are your favorite places to eat around there? "

I was in Mürren for four nights. One night I had a rösti at my hotel (Hotel Edelweis) and one night had dinner at the Pension Gimmelwald (not in Mürren, but the cable car back from Gimmelwald to Mürren runs until late). These were OK, but nothing to seek out. These meals cost about 20 CHF.

However, one night I ate at Hotel Bellevue and one night at Hotel Blumenthal, both in Mürren. These were excellent, and worth every rappen (note that dinner will cost at least 40-50 CHF here, but I felt I got my money's worth). In fact, I was just in Spain (where I have not had good food experiences), in the Basque country (famed for its alleged great food), and was reflecting that I had better food in Mürren!

For your hiking, get supplies at the Coop supermarkets in Mürren, Lauterbrunnen, and Wengen (I didn't see the one in Wengen, but Rick says it's larger than the other two; the other two are small but get the job done). My favorite "lunch" was trail mix bought at the Coop. You can also get "picnic eggs" (precooked eggs, dyed bright colors to avoid confusion with raw eggs), pre-made sandwiches, and other things, but I like the trail mix because it keeps and can't get smushed in my bag. Having food with you means you don't have to take time away from the prime hiking/walking/gondola hours to eat a sit-down meal. Since there's nothing else to do at night, I didn't mind splurging for a nice sit-down meal at dinner.

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I will second Harold's Bellevue meal suggestion.
We have stayed at Bellevue twice and enjoyed it greatly both times. Othmar, the owner, is a hunter and offers delicious game meals. The view from the deck is spectacular. It is difficult to believe it is real even as you sit there in the middle of it.
Last time we were there Othmar had a low slackline set up in the yard that you could learn on.

If you are adventurous, I suggest doing the via ferrata with a guide. It is great fun and the views are stunning. Be warned, it is not for those with fear of heights. Harnesses and cables keep you safe but there are some pretty exposed areas and a suspension bridge. The beginning of the via ferrata trail is used by base jumpers to get to their platforms.

Paragliding is another great adventure. You can watch them take off while sitting on the Bellevue deck. We each flew for about 45 minutes. Again, spectacular views from the air and you may even see a calving glacier and chamois. (chamois are the small deer that Othmar hunts and serves. They are delicious)

You will not find a bad hike in the area.

Enjoy Murren and tell Ruth and Othmar hello.


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I can think of several good hikes out of Murren. You should refer to this map to make sense out of them:

My fav from there is to start at the cablecar station at Murren. Looking uphill, there is a diagonal uphill trail going off to your left. (Yellow trail,#4 on map) Part way up the hill the trail splits at a hut. Take the left fork, more level, which will eventually lead to the woods and then Sprutz Falls. Cross under the falls and climb up the other side. At the top is Spielbodenalp where there is a restaurant. After relaxing there with the cows, leave out the back of the restaurant, cross the stream, and follow the path back to Murren. If you have the time/energy, you could also go back to Murren via Schiltalp (cheese farm) and Suppenalp.
Another is to take the above hike in reverse, but use the Almendhubel funicular to gain some altitude then head towards Suppenalp and then Schiltalp.
An alternative to that is to go up the Almendhubel funicular, then take a right (away from Suppenalp) and take the Mountainview trail to Grutschalp where you can take the train back. You can shorten it by cutting downhill halfway to end up at Winteregg (also train).
A third is to take the train from Murren to Grutschalp then walk back on the trail that follows the tracks back to Murren. Walking this direction allows you to see the mountains as you walk back.
Finally, the best trail in the area in my opinion, is from Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. (Lauterbrunnen train to Wengen, then cable car to Mannlichen. Take trail, then train from Kl. Sch. back to Lauterb.) Panoramic views in every direction. Trail takes 1.5 hrs and is easy and I save it for the clearest day.

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You guys are wonderful! I will take note of all of this. These are all great recommendations and are exactly what I was looking for. I'd also like to bike around too. Do you guys know if it's pretty easy to find bike renting places? Or is there a particular one in Murren I should be checking out?

Thank you!

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Mannlichen hike is excellent. Also Stechleberg (mis spelled I'm sure) to Lauterbruenen is really good, I think.

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It took 4 trips to the area before we tried the restaurant at Camping Jungfrau, but it was a very pleasant surprise and we would gladly return.

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I think you must be thinking these towns are much bigger than they actually are. I don't believe there is anywhere in Murren to rent bikes, but there is at least 1 place to rent in Lauterbrunnen.

I'm not sure what you mean by the First Cliff Walk. If you are referring to the ridge hike - that is an all day affair. If not then you would most likely have time to rent trotti bikes on your way down at the Bort station. It's quite fun!

I agree you should do the North Face trail after going up to the Schilthorn.

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We are planning to hike to Bachalpsee, zipline at First, and do the First Cliff Walk. We want to rent some trotti bikes but not sure where. Where should we eat around there?

We've done the Cliff Walk and the hike to/from Backalpsee. No zip lines for me and I do not know what a trotti bike is, sorry, but there is a lovely restaurant at the top of the First lift. The First lift is quite a ride, BTW. Of course there are restaurant options in Grindelwald, too, but eating at the top is so scenicc.

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Oh Laurel, what a miss! I can just see you perched on a Trotti Bike, flying down the hill! It is so much your style!!! LOL. A Trotti is an unpowered low slung scooter platform with (small) bicycle tyres and big brakes. Stand up, nowhere to sit. Have a look at

Can't you just see yourself trading in your hiking technique and riding the mountains? Maybe I'll have a go.....

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@Nigel I might have done 30 years ago. I'll stick to my trekking sticks.

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Murren is really not that large, so I don't think you will find it to difficult to find the bicycle rental shop. In Ricks video,, around the 24 minute mark. The bike store staff member suggests to ride from Murren to Gimmelwald (down hill), tram to Stechelberg, ride along the Luaterbrunnen Valley floor to Lauterbrunnen, then take the tram up to Grutschalp, then I guess you can follow the road through Winteregg to Murren.