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Looking for advice- 3-4 day trip in Berner Oberland area with hikes!

Hi everyone! I'll be traveling from Paris to Interlaken with a friend at the end of May and would love to do as much hiking/outdoor activities as possible. Can anyone provide me with a suggested itinerary for these days? I've been overwhelmed by everything that I've seen and I'm trying to figure out what's feasible in our time there and what works best during that time of year. I've been looking at Murren, Gimmewald and Lauterbrunnen- what are the best hikes from these locations, and are they easily accessible?

Thank you all!

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Hiking from Murren was so easy. You have the option of taking a variety of transport up from Murren and then hiking down or hiking across the mountains on well marked trails. You can make your hike as difficult or as easy as you like.

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Murren is a perfect base for hiking - easy access to a variety of trails, good selection of restaurants, car-free and quiet at night after all the day trippers leave. For hiking choices get a copy of Kev Reynolds book "The Bernese Alps: A Walker's Guide" It contains all the information you will need for hiking in the Lauterbrunnental area.
General hiking maps are available locally. More detailed maps are available from Schweizer Wanderwege. Maps #254T and #264T cover the whole area on both sides of the valley.
Two of our favorite hikes are from Murren to Rotstock hut, and Stechelberg to Obersteinberg and Oberhornsee.
See if there are rooms available at Chalet Fontana Denise is a wonderful host and can help you plan each day's activities during your stay.

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It is a wonderland for hiking! How many days do you have there? Staying in Lauterbrunnen gives you easy access to both sides of the valley for maximum easy access to many many hikes.

Some of our favorite hikes:

Schynige Platte

Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidigg

First to Grosse Scheidegg, then catching the bus down to Grindelwald.

Grutschalp to Muerren along the cliff

EDIT - Sorry, jut saw 3-4 days estiamte for trip. Try to hike on both sides of the valley, for certain.

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Choose either Wengen or Murren to stay UP in the alps. Choose Lauterbrunnen to stay in the valley in the alps. You have to transit through Interlaken to get to all of these places. But once you're there - it's like no other world you've ever seen. There's really nothing to be overwhelmed about here. Staying in either of the 3 villages allows you to walk out the door of your hotel and be right in the midst of it all. You're hotel can most likely give you trail tips and any information you may need. You don't have to bring your library of hiking destinations with you.

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I understand that it's difficult to conceptualize the Berner Oberland before you've seen it. But once you're there, it's very easy. And as Tim said, your hotel will have all the advice you need about hikes, walks, lifts, scenic views, etc. Remember, that's why everyone goes there, so this is the hotels' full time business - it's not like a big city where the clerk may not share your interest in Thai restaurants or Mahler concerts, and so can't help you.

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Now my wet blanket response....

The hiking season doesn't usually get started until mid-June. You should have some hikes available, but don't expect the fantastic high altitude stuff to be passable. I would expect to also lose a day or two to rain, although obviously this can't be predicted exactly this far out.