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Looking for a 'Gasthaus Wildkirchli' but not in Appenzell

We have been to Gasthaus Wildkirchli several times--every time we are in the part of Switzerland. :). We love it.

This time however we are not planning on being near Appenzell but are still looking for a place like that. Charming, friendly, in the mountains, easy to get to (we have a 4-1/2 year-old who did Gasthaus Wildkirchli when she was 3-1/2 years old).

Is Wildkirchli unique or does someone out there have a favorite that they would like to share? :)

We plan to be mostly in the mountains south, southeast, and east of Lucerne/Luzern.

Thanks all!

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I'm not familiar with other places that are similarly isolated but also accessible by lift. Of course, Gimmelwald is quite small and comes with great mountain views, just a few B&Bs, a youth hostel, and Walter's old-school Hotel Mittaghorn where dorm beds and showers down the hall are an option.

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There are actually isolated mountain inns all over Switzerland, although none I know of a perched on a rock ledge like this mone. The mountain inns or Berghotels are a Swiss institution, not to be confused with the alpine huts which are also isolated but situated more for climbers or serious hikers.

There is a book devoted to them, "Switzerland's Mountain Inns" by the Liebermans. It is probably out of print but I haven't looked for one lately. I would consult my own copy for something in the area you describe, but it is out on loan to a friend. We love the one up on the shore of Oeschinensee, a beautiful lake above Kandersteg. You get there by gondola from the village, and then walk or take an electrobus or horse-drawn carriage to the hotel. they have both private rooms and dorms. Mall bathrooms are shared.

We include a night or three in each trip to Switzerland. I did not mention it earlier as it is well to the west of the area you will be.

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Oeschinensee, now THAT is an eye sore ;) But seriously, it is beautiful. It is a little west of where we plan to be, but it has given me an idea. I am going to look for mountain lakes and see what I find up perched on their shores.

Thanks again. Anyone else? I know that there are more gems out there!

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You could buy a copy of the book I mentioned on Amazon, $14.95 new or as low as $1.95 used. They list 66 such inns all over Switzerland (but possibly not in your area;I do not recall any).

Or try Googling the name of each lake and alp or village in the area you will be, together with the word "Berghotel" or "Berggasthaus."