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Limmat river swim

how’s the water temp and conditions for swimming in the limmat river in early June/late July? I’m sure it depends on weather at the time but curious in general if people are swimming

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I heard that swimming there is now banned.

Pretty sure that is not true!

There are some office workers that I know who swim over their lunch break to cool down - definitely depends on what kind of weather we have this summer.

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Thank you, Maureen, for the info. I recall my brother (a local in Zurich) saying that some swimmers vanished after being swept away by the current. That was a few years ago. Perhaps now swimming is limited to certain spots.

Anyway, a nice alternative is Zurichsee (see means lake). No current.

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There are areas that are off limits for swimming, just as here in the Aare River here in Thun and in Bern.

The Swiss are big on people taking personal responsibility, this extends to leisure activities as well. There are fatal accidents in hiking, skiing, canyoning, BASE jumping, all kinds of activities, but none of these are banned as a result of that. It is expected that you will find out what risks are involved, make sure you are prepared and able to do the activity you are setting out to do, etc.

To encounter closures at certain times does happen, but I would be very surprised to find an all out ban on something like swimming in the river.