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Lauterbrunnen valley/Lucern

Hi everyone,

Thanks for everyone's feedback thus far.

a) On a Sunday morning, I will be waking up at a Bed and Breakfast on Lake Thun and I want to kayak part of the lake. Which part do people recommend?

b) I will be staying by Lake Brienz for the next three days, but that gives me time in the afternoon to visit some part of the Lauterbrunnen valley. I'm interested in Junfraujoch, Wengen, Trummelbach Falls, Schilthorn, Grindelwald, and Harder Kulm. I'm interested in paragliding somewhere - not sure what is best. I know some of these will have really long waits in the afternoon - what could be done without long waits, and still give me time to get to Brienz?

c) That will be followed by one night in Murren and one night in Lake Lucerne. I like kayaking but maybe a ferry around Lake Lucerne is best to see the whole thing. What is the best part to kayak, if I decide on that?

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I don't understand why you're moving 3 times all within the Jungfrau region. You're spending precious time packing up and checking in/out of hotels and storing luggage when you could just pick 1 spot and do all your list from that one base. If you really want to stay on the lakes and the mountains, then pick 1 spot on the lakes and add a couple nights to Murren to do your mountain wishlist.

It doesn't really make that much sense for you to go into the Lauterbrunnen Valley from Lake Brienz if you're then moving to Murren which is only 20 minutes from Lauterbrunnen. If your lodging is set and can't be changed, then you'll need to go into the mountains twice + your time in Murren to accomplish your list.

1 day - Lake Brienz/Interlaken > Grindelwald > Jungfraujoch > Kleine Scheidegg > Wengen > Lauterbrunnen > Interlaken
1 day - Lake Brienz/Interlaken > Lauterbrunnen > Trummelbach Falls > Interlaken > Harder Kulm
1 day - Lake Brienz activities
Murren day - Schilthorn

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I wish I could have found one place for my whole time there, but the only places available for the whole week were too expensive.

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I will be waking up at a Bed and Breakfast on Lake Thun and I want to kayak part of the lake. Which part do people recommend?

I like the Thun end of the lake the best because you can see so many mountains from here. The Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Blüemlisalp, Niesen and the Stockhorn range. Once you get closer to Interlaken the lower mountains block your view of Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, etc. I don't kayak, but see lots of people doing it from the Thun lakeshore.

b) Don't worry that you are staying in various locations, the area is small and super easy to get around in. Of your list I would say that the Harder Kulm is the least impressive, although new this year is the option of going up for sunset, I think this could be a fun to do.

The final train from Interlaken to Brienz is 23:04, so it depends on when you want to arrive in Brienz, but you could certainly go up one of the mountains you have listed, even if it is busy, and still get to Brienz by the end of the day. I would just look at each option and choose what you most want to do the most - check the weather, and go.