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Lauterbrunnen to Venice

I am trying to decide the best way to get to Venice from Lauterbrunnen in June. I am deciding between flying or riding the training.
The train seems to be a much more time consuming journey than I thought it would be.

Any guidance would be great!

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When in June? The rail line to Milan from Brig will have a service interruption starting June 9, with a replacement bus between Stresa and Arosa. So going via Luzern might be indicated.

Nonetheless, be sure to calculate the time to get to Zurich airport, check in time of at least 90 minutes to get through the security gauntlet, and the logistics of getting from Venice airport to the island.

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Whichever method you use is going to be a full travel day, and it's likely that the total time will be somewhat similar whether you fly or go by train, when all is considered.

While a flight may be slightly quicker, the "hassle factor" is going to be considerably more. In addition to travel to and from airports, there will also be the usual "dog & pony show* of check-in, security, waiting times, boarding and de-planing, cramped seating and possibly steep baggage charges.

Even with the temporary bus link and several changes, travel by rail will be much more pleasant and relaxing (IMO). You'll be able to enjoy the scenery, perhaps have a short nap, chat with other passengers or whatever. The first few changes are easy and straightforward. I checked the current schedules using an arbitrary date of 12 June, and there's a departure from Lauterbrunnen at 07:02, arriving Venezia Santa Lucia at 14:42 (time 7H:40M, 4 changes). There are numerous other departures if that's too early.

If you decide to take the train, you might ask your hotel in Lauterbrunnen if they could prepare a small "bag lunch" for breakfast while you're on the train. The express train from Milan to Venice has a restaurant on board, so you could get lunch there. If you take the 07:02 departure, it shows only a 15 minute time from bus arrival to departure of the train, so you probably won't have time to get lunch in one of the many restaurants at Milano Centrale. As I recall, the bus arrives at the side of the station, and you'll have to climb stairs to get up to track level.

I've done long rail trips with multiple changes on several occasions over the years, as I detest the airport hassles so much.

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There is also something magical to arriving in Venice by train. As the train trundles over the causeway to the Island, and then pulls in to the station. And then you get out of the train and are immediately in the real Venice...

But the route is going to be a bit more complicated this summer if you go via the Simplon. What are your other destinations in Switzerland? Arranging it so that you end nearer the Gotthard route would make this better.

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You will find that flying is pretty time-consuming too. The nearest airport to Lauterbrunnen is Zurich, 2.5 hours or more away. You need to be there well before the flight, so you have at least 4 hours invested before you get on the plane (if it is on time). Then you have the flight itself. And when you arrive at the Venice airport, it is about an hour’s journey to Venice itself.

Much better to arrive in Venice by train, so you are right in the city. Walk out of the station and the Grand Canal is right in front of you.