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Lauterbrunnen area hotel stay Summer 2022

Amateur question here:
Did a quick search for hotels in Murren/Lauterbrunnen for end of June/July 2022 and found few options (even fewer affordable ones). Am I too early or are these places really sold out or almost sold out already?!

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I have a trip planned to Wengen in June. I made my refundable reservations 2 months ago. At the time, there seemed to be a lot of people itching to travel and rooms were booking up. Omicron may cause people to reconsider and cancel, so rooms may open up.

I asked a similar question about Ortesei, because I was finding very limited availability. People said that some ski places don’t reserve that far out. They were (back in October) focused on bookings for the winter season. With online reservation systems, this doesn’t really make sense to me, but it might be the case.

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There are not many hotels in Lauterbrunnen. Hotel Oberland, where I stayed this past Sept., has a great location and has availability for June/July. I have Hotel Schonegg in Wengen booked for June. I made the reservation in Oct. I book directly with the hotels via their website.

It’s my understanding that the less expensive rooms are the first to get booked. So, book early for the best prices. Also, keep in mind that hotels in Switzerland generally are more expensive than in other countries. So, depending on your definition of “affordable ones” you might just be seeing normal prices for Switzerland.

Edited to add: To give you an idea of prices, I have 3 hotels booked for June—in Montreux, Wengen, and Lucerne—and the room prices for 1 person are 220 CHF, 160 CHF, 175 CHF per night. And I was very happy with these prices. I opt for the midsize rooms as I don’t like the tiny closet rooms as I call them. You can pay more or less depending on the size of the room and if you select one with a view.

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Keep in mind that booking websites are almost worthless for determining whether a hotel actually has rooms available on the dates of interest.

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We’ve stayed at Hotel Schönegg in Wengen 4 times and pay half board. It has been worth every penny all 4 times.

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Echo Carrie's comments regarding Hotel Oberland. Ideal location on the main street, with comfortable rooms and balconies to enjoy the views.

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We were just in Lauterbrunnen in October for a week. Used it as our home base and did day trips around the country. We stayed in an Airbnb right in town. If you are interested, I can post the link. The owner was very helpful and the chalet itself was beautiful and well appointed.

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We stayed at the Hotel Silberhorn which was lovely and close to the train station. It looks like they may have rooms available for June/July.

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The most affordable option I know of in Mürren is Chalet Fontana. They have a room with shared bath available the whole last week of June and into July. You can book it on AirBnB.

If you prefer a private bathroom, the ground floor apartment is also available, but only for 2 nights.