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Lauterbrunnen and Lucerne

We are travelling to Switzerland the last week of April/first week of May. We only have 8 days to be abroad, and want to go to Lake Como for three. This leaves five days in Switzerland. We fly into Zurich.

Our idea is to go straight from Zurich when we arrive, via train, to Lauterbrunnen. Stay for three nights. We want to paraglide, and not be very rushed... considering Jungfraujoch and a day trip to Zermatt/Matterhorn. We aren't huge hikers but want to walk around at our leisure etc. Then, go to Lucerne for two nights. Go up to Mount Rigi and mineral baths, maybe. Then, Como from there.

My questions are: 1) Do you recommend Jungfraujoch, or Zermatt, during that time of year, and is it worth it? 2) Should we do four nights in Lauterbrunnen instead, and only one night in Lucerne? Not sure how occupied we will be in Lucerne.

We are not wanting to do any of the 'sightseeing' in the cities, like museums or that kind of thing. More of nature!

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Visting Zermatt as a day-trip from Lauterbrunnen is not very practical as it is about a 5-hour round-trip. That's 5 hours not being spent outdoors enjoying the mountains. Save it for another trip. Otherwise, the Lauterbrunnen to Luzern to Como plan is quite feasible. I would personally do all 5 nights in Lauterbrunnen because at that time of year you will likely have a couple days of poor weather - even snow! However, your odds of getting at least one or two nice weather days are pretty good if you stay 5.