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Lausanne to Zermatt via Gruyeres?

Hello wise forum,

Question about Lausanne to Zermatt but seeing Gruyeres/Broc on the way...

We are staying in Lausanne for 3 days and then heading to Zermatt. One day "in Lausanne" is for Chillon/Montreux. One day for Lausanne. I had thought one day for Gruyeres/Broc (cheese/chocolate) and then a sort of mellow travel day to Zermatt. But that is lots of back and forth away from Lausanne. I am wondering if we could manage fitting in Gruyeres/Broc on our way from Lausanne to Zermatt on our travel day and then we could gain another day in Lausanne / lake area. I have looked at a couple of guide books but can't quite figure out the train and bus itineraries/distances to see if that would work. We will have already been in Berner-Oberland so we don't need to go through there but could if it makes the most sense.

Important facts:

  1. We are a family of five with teens and tweens who do not generally operate with the precision and function of a swiss watch (spoiler alert - understatement!).
  2. We must check in to our Zermatt accommodation no later than 6 pm and it is a bus ride or 20 min walk from the train station.

Thanks for your advice!

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Forget the guide books...for Swiss Train Schedules go to the one and only official site:

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If you want to go from Lausanne to Zermatt via Gruyeres, go to the previously sited website and enter that information in the journey planner, as well as what time you want to get started and how long you want to spend in Gruyeres. Then you will know if it is feasible.

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Thanks - I was able to figure it out (answer: not enough time)

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Amy, as you have already figured out, starting from Lausanne, Gruyères is the opposite direction to Zermatt, and is not easy to get to.

All rail routes in Switzerland have at least one train per hour, usually at the same minutes past each hour.
For example, Lausanne to Zermatt, departures are:

Lausanne dep 06:50, Zermatt arr 09:51
Lausanne dep 07:17, Zermatt arr 10:14
Lausanne dep 07:50, Zermatt arr 10:51
Lausanne dep 08:17, Zermatt arr 11:14
Lausanne dep 08:50, Zermatt arr 11:51
Lausanne dep 09:17, Zermatt arr 12:14
Lausanne dep 09:50, Zermatt arr 12:51

I think you can guess the times for the rest of the day - Swiss train times are boringly clockwork. And tickets are valid on any train.
So it doesn't matter what time your family finally gets to the station.

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Zermatt would definitely outshine Gruyere. I visited Gruyere last year after really wanting to for several was ok, but not the experience I was so excited about.