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Late May visit to Gimmewald or Lauterbrunnen

I'm planning a Spring visit the the Alps but I'm concerned we're visiting early enough that it might be a bit too cold and too close to winter to stay at a higher elevation. If we visit in late May, for three days, would it be best to stay on the Valley floor where would be warmer and spring flowers might be in full bloom, then take hikes at the higher elevations? Perhaps stay in Lauterbrunnen? Or would it be better to stay at the Gimmelwald Mountain Hostel?
We're traveling very light and will only take a travel backpack and medium jacket.

Looking for recommendations.Thanks for your thoughts.


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If you go closer to summer things will be dryer at the higher elevation. I went in July it was perfect . The snow which I could still see specks at 8 thousand feet is still melting in Spring

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Late May is perfect. It won't be cold, flowers are in full bloom, crowds are thinner, and the low and medium elevations trails will be open. Higher elevation trails will still be closed most likely. I've been there several times in late May and it's ideal imo.

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I have not been in May, but I would select Mürren over the valley and Gimmelwald. I have nothing to back this up but my own impressions when in the area twice, but Lauterbrunnen seems more shadowed that Mürren. I also like that Mürren is a bit larger than Gimmelwald - though an easy walk.

Google images of Mürren in May to get an idea of weather conditions you might experience, snow on the ground vs flowers.