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Last cable car out of Gimmelwald


I'm staying in Lauterbrunnen for 2 days, and on one of those days I'm planning a trip to Mürren and Gimmelwald. I've found a ton of information on how and when to get TO Gimmelwald, but very little on when to LEAVE Gimmelwald to avoid being trapped there for the night (I'm sure I'll never actually want to leave, but that's beside the point).

My plan is to take an early morning Lauterbrunnen--Grütschalp cable car followed by the Grütschalp--Mürren train. I'll take a few hours to see Mürren and then take the nice 40 minute walk from Mürren to Gimmelwald. However, I'm not sure what time the last gondola leaves out of Gimmelwald back to Stechelberg to catch the bus to Lauterbrunnen. I found this timetable on the Schilthorn website (, but I have no idea how to read it. I see times in the Gimmelwald row going all the way to 1am but I don't know if that's coming, going, etc.

Any help with this would be appreciated! If I'm totally off-base with that plan and it's not going to work at all, also, please let me know.


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To find the answer to this question (and similar ones), simply go to the Swiss transit site, SBB: It not only has train schedules, but other transit in the country as well.

Put in Gimmelwald as your origin, and Lauterbrunnen as your destination. Pick 20:00 (8 PM) as your departure time, and see what comes up.

Doing this for Tuesday June 21, I see departures from Gimmelwald at 20:00, 21:00, and 22:00; the next departure is the next morning at 6:00.

When I put Stechelberg (Schilthornbahn) as the destination, it shows later cable cars (23:00 and 23:50), but you'd then have to get on your own from Stechelberg to Lauterbrunnen - in the dark (not fun).

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Using the link that Harold provided, the last trip of the evening via the Schilthornbahn appears to depart Gimmelwald at 22:00, arriving Lautebrunnen at 22:25. There are numerous departures before that, departing about every half hour.

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Thank you so much for the helpful replies! It hadn't occurred to me that cable car was such a big part of their travel that it would be incorporated into the transit website. Time to get scheduling!

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It hadn't occurred to me that cable car was such a big part of their travel that it would be incorporated into the transit website.

Switzerland has completely integrated all modes of transportation into the timetable - even more than Deutsche Bahn. If you tell it your origination and destination it will find you a route, including foreign and domestic trains, trams, buses, postbuses, cable cars, gondolas, boats - whatever it takes that is regularly scheduled. And it is reliable and the transportation punctual.

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That's really amazing. I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised - after all, we're talking about a country known for its watches.