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Küsnacht to Annecy France

Hi Everyone,

I am having some challenges buying train tickets from Küsnacht Switzerland to Annecy France.... I will be there in a couple of weeks...
Wondering if I should cancel and go somewhere else.
Thanks for any suggestions/support.

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Rather than abandon your plans and look for a different destination (!) why not describe what's happening (what's going wrong) and see if someone can help you with that?

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Art - No direct train from Küsnacht to Annecy France. Go to Zurich from Küsnacht. Take train from Zurich to Geneva. From Geneva, take train to Annecy France.

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Are you having credit card issues? I see trains every hour, and some on the half hour. Takes from 5 1/4 to 5 3/4 hours. If it is credit card issues, you need to register your Visa or Mastercard with either Visa Check Out, or Masterpass so you will have a PIN to enter for the transaction to go through. Or use an American Express card. Also, since there is no advantage to advance purchase, just wait until you get to Kuesnacht and buy at the station. Credit card issues are only for on-line purchases.

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hey hey art
don't cancel, some info here getting to geneva. we were in geneva for couple days middle september. there is a train but it takes 3 hours to annecy, check out the bus transport which is about an hour. we took a taxi from geneva to our annecy apt, booked ahead of time and was 100E, shared by 2 friends, which was about a 30 minute ride.
you'll love annecy, it's such a pretty village. posted on your other post couple things to do. enjoy

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Thank you all,

So .. when I go to purchase the tickets it says there is a route but I am not able to buy them. It says the tickets are not available.
I think when I arrive in Zurich I will inquire at the train station.
Thank you all for your help and guidance: )

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Are you looking at That is the official Swiss National Railway website where you can buy tickets. I looked before and they quoted 102 CHF.

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when I go to purchase the tickets it says there is a route but I am not able to buy them. It says the tickets are not available.

Where are you looking (on which website)?
And for what date?

Just because it shows train times does not mean it will sell you the ticket.
This trip involves two companies (SBB and SNCF), maybe the site you are looking at only sells tickets for one of these companies (or neither).
Again, more info please.

I looked at the SBB (Swiss Railways) website: and it was happy to sell me a ticket for 25th Feb at CHF 95.
You could pick the ticket up at any manned Swiss station, or have it sent by post (which may take too long depending on your departure date).
Note: these tickets do not have a discount for advance purchase. You can buy them for the same price once you get to Switzerland, for example at Zürich. There is no need to buy now.

@RJean - the route is not via Zürich. It is Küssnacht - Luzern - Geneva - Annemasse - Annecy

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Chris, there is a little confusion here. The OP mentioned Kuesnacht with one "s", which is outside of Zurich. There is also a Kuessnacht with 2 "s"'s which is outside Luzern. To be honest, I don't know for sure which one the OP is referring to, but I have to assume he used the proper spelling for the one by Zurich. Both come up as valid stations on the SBB trip planned.

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@Sam, my bad. I just assumed the one I had heard off ("Küssnacht am Rigi", on the lake near Luzern), a common more tourist location than Küsnacht near Zürich.
Or perhaps I am too used to miss-spelled names.