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Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald

I'm planning some daytime activities for our trip to the Berner Oberland next July (staying three nights in Murren).

One morning we plan to take the Mannlichen to Kleine Scheidgg hike. Once at Kleine Scheidegg we'd like to go to Grindelwald for lunch and then take the lift to First. It looks like there are some fun activities at First (zip lines etc).

To get to Gindelwald, I see that there is a lift (Eiger Express?) from Eigergletscher to the Grindelwald Terminal. That appears to be a good way to get to Gindelwald.

My question is getting from Kleine Scheidgg to Eigergletscher. Do we have to board the train to the Jungfraujoch and get off at Eigergletscher? Or is there a separate train that runs between the two areas? In July, I understand the lines to catch the train to the top of the Jungfraujoch are often very long. That could burn up a lot of time just to get to Eigergletscher and the connection to the lift to get us to the Gindelwald Terminal.

Has anyone had experience with this route?



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Yes, if you wish to take the Eiger Express, you will need to ride the same train up to Eigergletscher that is being used to continue on to Jungfraujoch. In July that could be quite busy as you indicate. Once at Grindelwald Terminal, you would have to walk or take a train (there may be a bus too... I forget) the relatively short distance into the "downtown" of Grindelwald and then on to the cable car station for First.

Alternatively, there is also a train that runs from Kleine Scheidegg to Grindelwald. It is a slightly slow moving train as it descends the mountain, but it would take you directly to the Grindelwald station. It does not go to Grindelwald Terminal. It does make a stop in Grindelwald Grund, but you would not want to get off there. Continue on to Grindelwald. This would likely be less busy, but perhaps slower than the Eiger Express route.

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I would just take the aforementioned train from Kleine S. to Grindelwald. It was the only way to go until the relatively recent opening of the Eiger Express.

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The train from Kleine Scheidegg is actually quicker (39 minutes), but it only goes one per hour at 1 past the hour, so depending on your timing, take your pick. The route using the Eigergletcherbahn is also hourly at 27 past the hour. If you are buying full fare tickets, the train is a bit cheaper. Since the Eigergletcherbahn route takes 65 minutes, the arrival times are only 10 minutes apart.

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Regarding the queuing at Kleine Scheidegg for the Jungfrau Railway trains: There is normally a separate queue for people only going to Eigergletscher, and you should normally have no problem getting on a train, even when it is busy. You may have to stand for the short trip though.

The Eiger Express is quite a nice ride, with a very good view of the Eiger. Well worth it. Then once in Terminal you can either take a train or a bus to get to the Village and the First bahn.