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Jungfrau ticket price one way or roundtrip

Would you recommend buying the Jungfrau tickets from Grindelwald or Keine Scheidegg? Is it best to get the Good Morning ticket?
From the Jungfrau website (which is in German), are the train prices for 1 way travel only? It's definitely a bit of a challenge navigating all the ways to do this (entire trip) on a budget. Thank you all for your help!

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I would definitely not buy a Jungfraujoch ticket in advance. The enjoyment of the expensive and time-consuming trip depends entirely on the weather. If you buy in advance then you are gambling you will get good weather. Even if it's pleasant in the valley below, the weather at the summit can be very different. This live webcam shows you the conditions at the peak.

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The Jungfrau website (like most tourist websites) is available in many languages. You just have to find the language menu, in this case it is hiding at the bottom left hand corner.
Or to go directly to the English version:

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I'd suggest buying the tickets from wherever you'll be staying. If you're staying in Grindelwald, then buy tickets from there. AFAIK they only offer return tickets, as you have to get back too.

The words "budget" and "Switzerland" don't fit well together. It's an expensive country and there's no way to avoid that. The Good Morning ticket will save you some money, which is good as that's an expensive trip. You can also reduce costs by using one of the Swiss Passes such as the Half Fare card or one of the Regional passes. Which pass to buy is largely dependent on which areas you're going to be travelling and which mountain lifts you'll be using. Unfortunately you'll have to do the number crunching to figure out the best pass for your circumstances.

You may find it helpful to have a look at this website.....

One tip about visiting the Jungfraujoch - be sure to check the weather before you make that trip, as you won't see much if the top is shrouded in fog with high winds.

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If you do go, I would suggest early in the morning, clouds can roll in quickly mid morning to mid afternoon. We went up to Schitlhorn on the opposite side of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and the sky was nice and blue, but an hour later and the clouds came rolling in and covered everything up. When we left, you could not see beyond the observation platform. We passed lots of people on the cable car heading up who slept late and missed the amazing view. I would ride up from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen to Kleinne Scheidegg. If you want to save money and stretch your legs, you could walk from Kleinne Scheidegg back to Wengen and catch the train down to Lauterbrunnen from there.