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Itinerary Suggestions - Chamonix Fr to Luzern 2-3 days

What a fantastic forum this is! I have been following it for several weeks now and have picked up some good advice already.

My husband & I (69 &71 yrs - active)are taking RS "My Way Alpine Europe Tour" Sept 14-25, 2015. It includes 2 nights (1 day) in the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It ends in Chamonix France on the morn of Sept 25th. We depart from Zurich Sept 30 in a.m..

We will spend 2 full days in Luzern, staying at the Tourist Hotel the nights of 27th & 28th. Later in the day on the 29th we will take the train to Zurich for our departure on the morn of the 30th.

Suggestions please on what to see & where to stay between Chamonix & Luzern? I have been looking at Montreaux, Murten & Bern as possibilities.
1. Take an extra day in Chamonix to relax after tour & leave on the 26th, or leave on 25th to have an extra day to explore? The RS tour gives us 1 & 1/2 days in Chamonix. We want to be in Luzern by 5 or 6pm on Sunday 27th.

  1. Interested in countryside & scenery so can't decide if Bern is worthwhile. RS suggests it as a highlight. Thoughts on staying in Murten with a day trip to Bern?

  2. At the risk of sounding really crazy...I was also considering heading back to the Lauterbrunnen Valley on our way to Luzern as we only have 1 day there on the tour& it sounds like the weather can be a major factor in what you get to see. Everything I have read suggests at least 2 days there. Crazy to back track?

  3. We can stay on points in Zurich at either the Crown Plaza, The Holiday Inn -Messe between town & airport or the Holiday Inn Express at the airport. We planned to take the train to Zurich later day on the 29th, have a couple of hours to explore the old town & have dinner & then take the train or tram to the Holiday Inn Messe which is a 10 min cab ride to the airport the next morn. Is Zurich worth it or does this sound too ambitious after a long day of sight seeing in Luzern? Alternative is to go straight to Zurich airport from Luzern & stay at the Holiday Inn Express.

I have been reading all the posts about the rail passes but can't tackle that until itinerary is set!! But it does sound somewhat daunting.
I will stop my ranting now & say thank you in advance to all you wonderful & helpful posters.

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