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Itinerary help

Our family (children 18, 20) will be flying into Munich and out of Zurich June 17-19th. I am thinking of renting a car in Munich and spending 4 days in that area including a side trips to Dachau, Salzburg. From here we really want to travel to Murren to hike and paraglide, then to Lucern and then a train to Zurich airport and fly home. I am still trying to learn which Swiss pass is our best option and I want to ask your opinion "are we crazy to travel so far across Switzerland to reach the Berner Oberland" Should we break up the travel day from Salzburg/Munich area to BO? We have booked flights but the rest of our travel plans are very flexible at this point and any itinerary suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you

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Hi Erin,

I suspect you made a typo in your dates ... you might want to double check those.

You won't need a car in the Munich area to visit Dachau and Salzburg. Both are very close and easily accessible by train. The only day trip from Munich I might possibly recommend doing by car is if you plan to visit Neuschwanstein and/or Linderhof, although this is possible by public transportation and many people recommend doing it that way.

I don't think it is necessary for you to break your trip from Munich to the Berner Oberland but there are certainly some worthwhile places to stop in between - check out Lake Constance and the Appenzell region in Switzerland. Without knowing your dates for sure, it is difficult to recommend an itinerary.

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Oh yes I am sorry, we will travel June 17-29th. Thanks for the advice about the car, I hesitate to travel by car between countries and risk heavy drop off fees/possible tickets. We may stay out near Salzburg for a night or just base in Munich, we are open to suggestions but will use the train system. With the various Swiss passes how does it work when we start in Munich, Germany and end up in Murren, Switzerland? Thank you

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What I've read is that if you buy a ticket from outside Switzerland (say Munich) into Switzerland (say Lauterbrunnen/Murren) and you have a Swiss pass that covers the Swiss part of the trip cost (say from Basel to Lauterbrunnen - disclaimer: I'm not looking at a map) will be refunded to you if you have activated the Swiss pass for the day.