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Itinerary November 13-19

Staying in Lucerne for a few days. Can I do a day trip to piz Gloria?

Then we want to stay somewhere with a view of the Matterhorn for two nights. (Sun-tues)

Zermatt to Leysin for 1 night to see friend. (Tues-Wed)
Geneva 2 nights (we’d-fri) then to Zurich for 1 night and fly out on Saturday.

Is this doable in November 13-19 with trains/hotels on maintenance schedule.

Also, should I get franc in US before or use ATM when in Switzerland?
Any information is helpful.

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It is over 3 hours each way from Luzern to the top of the Schilthorn so I would say not feasible for a day trip. You can check schedules for every site/town/lift/routs in Switzerland here

Overall, consider that Nov 13-19 is off-season for the mountains. It is neither hiking season nor yet ski season so some smaller mountain communities are rather shut down.

I would worry about planning two nights in Zermatt to see the Matterhorn as it can be a very elusive mountain even in summer. What will you do if it is not pleasant weather?

Are your "few days" in Luzern in addition to the Nov 13-19 schedule?

No need to get francs before you arrive. In fact, we hardly used cash at all in 5 weeks in Switzerland this year. Wait until you arrive, use a bank ATM, and take out a minimal amount just for the security of having some cash. We used a credit card for everything, even coffee.

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Thank you for your prompt response.
We are in Lucerne for the blues festival my husband is playing in so we are there for a week.

We want to visit a friend in Leysin and then to Geneva to see a friend play there on Thursday.

Hmm so you are saying Zermatt is hard to get to and not worth it if the weather is bad? Since it’s off season do you think we could book with a hotel with short notice if the weather is good?

I’m getting nervous and feel like I should get an agent to help me plan?

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The Matterhorn is often covered by clouds in the summer. Your odds of seeing it over the course of two nights in November are even lower. Will you be terribly disappointed if you never see it? If so, I would choose another location with more to offer. Weather in the alps in winter has a slight chance of snow ;). Of course, it could be clear and gorgeous, but it is a chance you take.

I would spend those days in the Berner Oberland where there are more options if weather isn’t so good in the mountains. You could head to Lake Brienz. Just be prepared for the weather.

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Cool. I may have seen them in Chicago sometime or another; I know Billy Branch.

If you are interested in mountain excursions with great views I recommend a day trip from Luzern to Mt Titlis weather permitting or Mt Rigi. That is a lot easier than to Piz Gloria and the Matterhorn.

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I would not say Zermatt is hard to get to or not worth it, but as others have reinforced, you may be disappointed if the mountain doesn’t make an appearance. I suspect you could get lodging on short notice in November.

You do not need an agent. So many agents have not even been the many places that members of this forum have been to! I spoke to one last winter who was planning an extensive itinerary for a family and she had never set foot in Switzerland much less taken the hikes she was recommending.