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Itenerary for 6 days in Swiss with back problem


Me and my wife are travelling to Switzerland from 10th to 16th September this year. My wife is having a back problem and cannot walk for too long or take harsh jerks on a ride. Based on this I request if you could suggest me a itinerary for these six days. I plan to go to Paris from there on 16th and my return flight is again from Zurich to India on 19th night.

Based on my very basic research, I have BLOCKED (not paid as yet though) the hotel rooms as follows -

1) Reaching Zurich on 10th September morning

2) Room booked in Lucerne (Hotel Schlüssel, Franziskanerplatz) for 10th and 11th night.

3) Room booked in Interlaken (Hotel Restaurant Panorama, Aeschlenstrasse) for 12th and 13th night

4) Room booked in Zermatt (Best Western Hotel Butterfly, Bodmenstrasse)for 14th and 15th night

5) Room booked in Paris for 16th 17th and 18th night

6) Return flight from Zurich on 19th night

a) If you could specifically help me to fill in the days mentioned above with activities like full day excursion to Mt Titlis, Zungfraou etc

b) Advice me on the Swiss pass (4 days / 6 days / flexipass) with the assumption that we would like to take day excursion to Zungfrou / Titlis or any such spots

I am not very particular about good hotels but would like easy accessibility as would like my wife to walk as less as possible (she can walk a kilometre or two without a problem though). I would prefer scenic places.



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On b), the Swiss 30 day Half Fare Card will provide the most savings at 120 chf per person. Then every rail trip will be half fare no matter what. A pass actually gets you a smaller discount on the Jungfraujoch journey. In addition, if you decide not to do any of the side trips because of bad weather, you pay nothing, if you get my meaning (with a pass, you will already have "paid" for it).
You can buy your trip to/from Paris at:
or at right now. The Lausanne to Paris TGV is 45 euro per person for the 12:24 train on Sept 16. and the return to Zurich on Sept 19 on the 7:19 train for 39 euro per person. The prices only will go up, so you should by them now if your itinerary is fixed. You can print the tickets at home. They will be nonrefundable just like airline tickets. Oh, and the Half Fare Card will save you a couple of francs on the trip from Zurich Hbf to the airport.
In Zermatt you can take the Gornergrat train high up in the mountains for good views of the Matterhorn. Trains will always be preferable to cable cars as you can sit the whole time rather than stand.

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According to Google Maps, your "Interlaken" hotel is a one-hour bus ride away from Interlaken Ost train station. It looks like a nice place for visiting the lake, but not easy access to the mountains. If you want to stay closer to the mountains, look for rooms in Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, or Grindelwald, all accessible by train.

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Well in Zermatt, the Butterfly is a very nice hotel and I've stayed there a few times but it is not so easy to get to from the station - walk with the aid of a stick. This one: is just across the street from the station, it may not be as modern as the Butterfly, but it is very accessible.

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Thanks Laura for your advise. I have now changed my hotel to Grindelwald on your advise.

As mentioned earlier - Please advise if my two days stay at three places is ok. I do not mind staying 3 days on two places - if I can cover the same areas making the base only at two places.

And yes - please let me know if the train fare to Paris rises as time goes by. Is it advisable to by the train tickets to Paris now or I can afford to wait without the risk of fares increasingly

Secondly, same question for Swiss Passes. Can I wait or buy the passes now.

The only reason I want to wait is may be if my wife's back condition becomes bad, we might even think of cancelling the tour. Hence I want to buy only when as late as possible (without the risk of fares increasing of course)



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Yes, the price of the Switzerland-Paris trains will rise as time passes, but there is nothing to done about that except to buy them as soon as the trip is a go. Prices of Swiss half fare cards and passes will not change and can be bought on arrival in Switzerland.