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Is Flixbus reliable option to go from Zurich to Colmar?

I will be arriving in Zurich at 8:30 a.m., but after all the airport procedures, I might not be out of their airport till 11 a.m. I checked on on July 5th, and it seems that Flixbus is the cheapest option compared to renting a car or taking a train.

Has anyone tried Flixbus? Is it good? Would you suggest it?


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I'm sure that Flixbus is just fine, have never heard anyone call it unreliable, and it may well be cheaper than Swiss trains. But if other factors are equal, then I generally prefer the comfort and schedule of the trains, which can take you from Zurich airport to Colmar in 2.5 hours with one connection at Basel, departing at 9:43 or 10:43 and similar times through the day. Last week, I landed at Zurich about 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday and was able to stop at the toilets, pass through their self-service passport control, collect luggage, and board an 8:47 train (but with train ticket already in hand).

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I took flixbus last year from Frankfurt airport to Colmar. It was convenient and very cheap. It got me to Colmar when expected and was comfortable enough. I had no problems with it and thought the value was good. On the trains I would have had to transfer and it was nice not to have to do so on flixbus. I also took it from Colmar to Karlsruhe. There were some traffic delays on that route, but it did get me there eventually and cheaply. I would use it again, but overall I do prefer train travel more. It’s easier to get up and move around on a train and generally lfewer chances of delays.

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I took a bus in 2014 (now part of FlixBus I think) from Freiburg im Breisgau to Zurich and back for a day trip to Zurich; I suspect this bus continued on to Colmar. I dislike long bus rides and would greatly have preferred a train, but I booked near the last minute, and by then the trains were super expensive - maybe 3X more expensive. So I took the bus, and it was fine - many long flat stretches of freeways. I took another bus last year that was a FlixBus from Slovenia to Italy and it was 45+ minutes late but otherwise fine - for a bus. I am glad I had the FlixBus app on my phone to get notifications from them that the bus was late but indeed coming - after 30 minutes you kind of start to wonder...

Booking this far ahead? I'd almost certainly take the train if I could get a decent price - probably can - on the train, even if it costs more than the FlixBus. But I do prefer trains, as I said above.