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iPad 3 w/ Verizon cell data

Has anyone tried to connect an iPad 3 (Verizon model, A1403) to a cellular data network in Switzerland?

I know wifi will work, and my iPhone is going to be OK as it's a 4S, but I have never signed my iPad 3 up for data coverage in the US much less in Switzerland.

Thanks again!

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Can't you just share your data connection from your phone with your ipad?

I can share mine with at least 5 devices.

As long as your phone is global you can add global data for $25/100MB

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Tethering is locked by my company. :( Yeah. Good idea otherwise. Thanks

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I'd suggest having a chat with Verizon, in order to get some idea what cellular data access will cost for the iPad. If you're paying for a data roaming package on the iPhone, will it be necessary to also have data access on the iPad?

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Also be aware that Verizon is not always GSM-friendly, it might be CDMA which I do not believe is usable in Europa. I'm thinking about buying/renting a mobile hot spot with someone like Swisscom so I don't have to worry about finding wifi.