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Interlakken or Murren for 2 night stay?

We want to do some of the things Rick shows on his Lauterbraunnen valley area dvd. Which town would be better for a family of 5 to take in the sights & get around to some of the area?


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June. I'd love to do a little hike, and take a lift up to one of the peaks--Schilthorn or Jungfrau--not sure which one. And of course, buy some cheese from a little hut just like Rick does! No, not a necessity. ;0)

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If your main plans revolve around the sites within the Lauterbrunnen valley, I would choose to stay in Mürren. Staying in Mürren will save you a few train rides back and forth between Interlaken and the valley. Mürren is much more charming and has incredible views. You might also consider staying in the village of Lauterbrunnen itself. It doesn't have quite the mountain views that Mürren does, but you do get amazing views of the valley and the waterfalls.

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OK then, Mürren is probably the better choice. June can be a little wet, so make sure you budget at least two full days in case you lose one to rain and fog.

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I agree that the time will be better spent in Murren. Of the three week tour we had through Europe, Murren was one of our favorite places, It was so incredible. We stayed there for several nights and walked down to the lower villages, I think Gimmelwald, We traveled with three children and they loved it also. One day we went over to Grindlewald and took the cable car to the First Mountain where my husband and kids did the zipline down from the First flying down the zipline. I think it is called First Flieger. Probably the most scenic zipline ever. We also drove over to the train in Lauterbrunnen and took the train and then lift to do the hike at Mannlichen These are the moments we remember from this trip. Hope you have a great trip


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For hiking and visiting the Jungfrau and the Schilthorn, Muerren is much better (and closer) than Interlaken. Muerren is everything that you would expect in a Swiss alpine village. June is a great time. If you are lucky, the weather can be great. It was for us in early June. But, no guarantees on the weather. The snow will have retreated to higher levels. Wildflowers in the Alps are in full bloom. Also, for a family of 5, look into the Chalet Fontana. They have a large family unit.

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Murren, hands down. Love it there. And love being up in the Alps, surrounded by them. In Lauterbrunnen or Interlaken you're on the valley floor looking up at them. We travel a long way to get there, and I want to be up in them, in the charming, car-free town of Murren.

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Can the Swiss Pass be used to get to Murren -- either by train or funicular? If so, could we get suggestions for a route inbound from Bern? Thanks.

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Yes. The Swiss Pass will cover the entire journey to Murren. From Bern take the direct intercity train to Interlaken Ost station. From Ost transfer to the train to Lauterbrunnen. At Lauterbrunnen take the cable car up, and then transfer to the small shuttle train to Murren. Not as bad as it sounds:)

Check out the Swiss Rail site:

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if you go to ant swiss ticket counter they will print you a card for the entire journey detailing every train change along the way including which track your next train can be found. It's really easy.