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Interlaken to Gimmelwald

I am sure there are posts about this but I can't find them. I know there are two ways from Interlaken to Gimmelwald. One by way of Stechelberg, the other by way of Murren. We do plan on stopping by Murren. My simple question is it better to bypass Murren first on the way up or not? Also which side of the train or cable car ride offers the better view going up and coming down?

Thank you!

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Susan I don't think it matters both ways give you wonderful views of the Lauterbrunnen valley nor does it matter which side of the cable you stand. No trains now from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp now just one big cable car.

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Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen is by train, From Lauterbrunnen you have two options.

To recap the two routes:

  1. From the train station, cross the street and take the gondola to Grutschalp and hop on the train to Muerren. The train is timed to coincide with the lift so don't dally. Once in Muerren, walk through the village to the gondola down to Gimmelwald. This is a bit of a trek (15 minutes?) so you have to decide it you want to do it with luggage.
  2. Take the PostBus to Stechelberg. The bus departs across the street from the station shortly after the train arrives from Interlaken. Once at Stechelberg, take the gondola up to Gimmelwald.

You can easily visit Muerren any time from Gimmelwald by walking up the path between them or taking the gondola between the two towns.

If you take the train to Muerren from Grutschalp, sit on the left. If from Muerren to Grutschalp, sit on the right.