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interlaken area

Does anyone know where the bunker from the 2011 rick steves video is located?https you tube f3jbmuuilxk( Interlaken area) or any other ones?What would be the cost in Mid may to visit The trummelbach falls and kleine sheidegg area(how much time should be allocated)?

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I don't know where the Bunker shown in the video (or others) are located, but one of Rick's staff will be able to answer that.

Regarding a visit to Trummelbach Falls, this website should have all the information you need.....

Could you elaborate on visiting the "Kleine Scheidegg area"? Are you planning to visit the Jungfraujoch, or just go as far as Kleine Scheidegg? There's not much there except for a restaurant and a few hotels, and in mid-May it will likely be a bit "quiet" in that area, as the ski season will be over.

Also, where are you travelling from? The trip from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg is 43 minutes, with a few interemediate stops at Wengen and a few other places.

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I was looking at taking a tour from Interlaken,that goes as far as Kleine Sheidegg on the train and includes Trummelbach Falls.The cost is 170 usd.I imagine there are better options.

I think that Sam has the right bunker location.Unfortunately it is only open 2 Fridays a month and I will be there on the wrong Friday.

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You do not need to take a tour for these. A round trip from Interlaken Ost-Kleine Scheidegg is about 80 chf. Go up via Grindelwald. Returning, go via Lauterbrunnen. Instead of going back to Interlaken, take the Post Bus to the base of the Trummelbach Falls. Entry fee is 11 chf. With the return post bus fare of a few chf, you will spend less than 100 chf for the day.

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Looks like the tour price is a bit high.What would be the cost to go to the top of the Jungfrau?(How much is the final part?)I assume going to the top via the lauterbrunnen area is higher then the Grindewald area.

Is the Jugspitze in Germany a better option then the top of the Jungfrau?