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If you wonder if you can paraglide, don't go to Birg first

Today we were supposed to paraglide from Mürren. I was trepidatious as I have a fear of heights, but was confident I'd do it.

Unfortunately we did the Thrill Walk at Birg first.

No way - had to cancel. Happily and unexpectedly got the deposit back.

I'm disappointed in myself but don't see the value in terrorizing myself on holiday.

BTW there is talk on this forum about insurance for paragliding. Our CAA policy wouldn't cover it and said that pretty much no insurer would. I would have done it despite that issue if I held my nerve!

Paragliding looks so easy on the internet but not so much from up here in the Alps!

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Well, you are one step ahead of me. I wouldn’t even plan on paragliding!

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It is rare to find insurance that covers optional, risky behavior.

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Travel Guard does when you add the "extreme sports" rider.

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World Nomads (currently the most popular travel insurance co.) also covers paragliding with an additional fee.

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There are some insurance agencies that will cover "extreme sports", but of course there's an extra cost for that.

Tandem Paragliding is very safe in Switzerland and the Pilots are all duly qualified. Rather than view it as a "terrorizing" experience, you could treat it as a very unique once-in-a-lifetime memory.

"Paragliding looks so easy on the internet but not so much from up here in the Alps!"

Actually it is very easy. Once you start running downhill in Mürren and the sail inflates, you'll probably be so focused on the experience that you won't think of being "terrorized". Most of the Pilots also have a parachute, so the risk is very low. I asked my Pilot about that and he said, "it's not required by the regulations but I have one anyway as it makes sense". That was enough reassurance for me!

You might take some inspiration from George Bush - .

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I did a tandum jump from Murren once. It was great but I wouldn't do it again.

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That new Thrill Walk really looks amazing!

I am surprised you were willing to Paraglide but then the Thrill Walk scared you!

Kind of the opposite was in Zermatt recently and thought those doing Paragliding there were insane ; but myself hiked around that area with no fears.

(looking back I kind of regret I did not do the paragliding or at least inquire about the cost, just as a once in a lifetime type thing and something I think is probably safer in Switzerland than most anywhere else)

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Ken, i know its an irrational fear, as most fears are. The idea that the pilots have parachutes just in case doesn't make me feel any better!

We told the woman at reception at our hotel and she said "oh its very safe - I've been here for fifteen years and never an incident." Mind you she continued to say that if they offered her a go for free she would still decline.

Maybe if we come back I'll go for some hypnotherapy in advance. I'm only partly joking here - I would love to do it.

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I have a fear of heights. A year ago I was on the Big Island in Hawaii and my friend asked me if I would consider going zip lining. We did it and it was fantastic! I'm thankful I faced my fear and had such a wonderful experience. Now maybe I'll work up the nerve to go paragliding in the Alps.