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I need help planning my travel Itinerary for 7 days in Switzerland, for 2015

My husband and I will be taking a Viking Cruise in October of 2015. We'd like to spend 7 plus days prior to starting our cruise in Switzerland. I'm just beginning my planning which I know is early, but we need to book some frequent flyer tickets in the next few months so I need an idea of where to fly into and so forth. I'm thinking that flying into Zurich might be best and then dropping the car in Basel where we start our cruise. We like small towns/villages, majestic views and green fields and experiencing the real thing. Normally we prefer to stay places for at least 3 nights before moving on but we're flexible on this since we're only there for a short time. I've done a little research and it seems like the Berner Oberland area is the place for us. I'm open to any and all suggestions.

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I'd actually recommend not getting a rental car in Switzerland because the train system is convenient, reliable, and an excellent way to get to (and up, in many cases) the mountains. You can easily get to the Berner Oberland from Zurich, and from there to Basel. I've flown into Zurich and out of Basel, and using the trains to do so was incredibly convenient.

As far as locations to visit go, the Berner Oberland can't be beat, but you might also consider staying a day or two in Lucerne, which is a gorgeous town and has several mountain-top excursions nearby. On your first trip, I wouldn't spend much time in Zurich--go straight to the mountains!

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Do you have a copy of RS Switzerland Guide Book yet? If so, great. If not, I would suggest you get one as it will be a real asset in your planning for your visit to Switzerland as it was for us. If you need to get one, it can be ordered elsewhere on this web site. Our stay in Murren had some of the best scenery that we have every seen and we have traveled LOTS. Huge mountains.

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Erica is right on. Three days in Lucerne would be great, four nights would be better. Take a boat trip, go up Mt. Pilates and the Rigi.

We stayed at the Renaissance near the train station, perfect location.

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Thank you all for your advice, very helpful as I start to think and plan. I did purchase RS Switzerland guide book so I will also refer to that. I like the idea of not renting a car, my husband will thank you for that!


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I ditto the suggestion of using the efficient train system. I would also recommend staying at least 4 nights in your town of choice in the Berner Oberland (Murren is fantastic and great jumping off point for hiking). The multiple days allows for a cloudy and/or rainy day in which to visit Interlaken. A second cloudy day can be used to visit Lauterbrunnen valley and the waterfall and saving the clear sunny days for hiking on the mountain.