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Huts in the Oberland and Zermatt areas

Thanks to info I got off this forum I found a great online map for planning hikes. We are thinking about hiking to a hut or two and spending the night. I could not see any obvious 2-3 day loop routes using huts in the Oberland area. I have not looked at the Zermatt area yet. If I can not figure out a short 2-3 day loop route we may do an out and back to one. Anyone know of any good 2-3 day loop routes using huts in the Oberland or Zermatt area? We are strong very experienced hikers and live at elevation.

Are the huts just one big room with a bunch of beds or do some have separate rooms? It is really hard deciphering the info on the huts from the websites. Looks like most the huts have dinner and breakfast available but the food is really expensive.

I posted a couple other questions on this forum since starting to plan our Switzerland vacation next August. Appreciate the great info I have received so far.