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How to Switzerland - useful videos

In researching our next trip I've watched a lot of YouTube videos - starting of course with RS excellent ones. Some others useful some not so much for me. Then I found a large series by an American expat living in Zurich. Her name is Sarah and the series is called " How to Switzerland ". Some videos are more expat oriented but plenty as well for us visitors with useful tips, ways to save money, the culture, etc. The link below is one of the best explanations of public transport - particularly in Zurich - that I've seen. Like she explains how to buy a ticket, read the schedule, what the electronic board at the station is telling you. Those little things that aren't about language barrier but are about understanding how it works

SWITZERLAND | How To Take Public Transportation (Train, Tram & Bus in Zurich)

Hope some of you find this useful.

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I've watched all the "How to Switzerland" videos as research for my April trip. Love them!! I wish they would do more.

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She just did a Lausanne one ( our first stop) and a good one on what to buy or not buy in Switzerland.

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I like her too. My daughter moved to Switzerland so I've been watching for the last few years to understand the culture a bit more. I especially like the videos with her Swiss husband Mattheus. When I first showed these to my daughter she said "Mom, Swiss people would find her sooooo annoying," but I think even she has come around to Sara's bubbly charm.

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Thank you! We were fortunate enough to live in Switzerland, but it was a while ago and I can tell these videos will be great fun to watch.

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Wolters World on YouTube has several videos on Switzland of the Top-10 variety, like his Top 5 Things You Will Love/Hate.

Also on YouTube, Timsvideochannel1 has wonderful front-car views of train rides throughout Switzerland, like this one from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen.