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How long does it take to go up Schilthorn, Lauterbrunnen, Murren, Gimmelwald?

Is it possible to go up the Schilthorn, visit Lauterbrunnen valley, Murren visit Gimmelwald all in one day? How long does it take?

is it possible to squeeze in visiting Oberhofen castle on the same day, or should I do it in another day?

Thank you!

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It is possible. All of the villages are small and the only real sights are the natural beauty. How long depends on how you get between them (especially if you choose to walk between any of them). I would plan on 4 to 5 hours minimum. I would not squeeze in the castle on the same day.

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Where are you going to stay the night before?

If you started in Lauterbrunnen you could take the gondola up to Grütschalp, then the small train across to Mürren. You’d walk thru town to get to the Schilthorn gondola on the other side of the village. Go up to Schilthorn. Comeback down,get off in Gimmelwald spend 10 minutes walking around this tiny village, then return to the gondola and go down to the base of the Schilthornbahn at Stechelberg. From there walk back the 3 miles or so to Lauterbrunnen.

You’d need a meal along the way and time to enjoy the scenery plus all the transport pieces and walking times. To me this would be a full day.

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@pam and @jill – thank you so much for your helpful info! It is very good to know.

Thank you so much for your helpful info!!


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"From there walk back the 3 miles or so to Lauterbrunnen."

You could also take the Post Bus from the Schilthornbahn cable car station back to Lauterbrunnen. Given the amount of touring you want to do in one day, walking 3 miles would take some time.

Oberhofen Castle should be possible, but it will probably be a very rushed visit. It would be better to either add time to that area, or leave Oberhofen for another visit.

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Yes, Ken is right about recommending picking up the Post Bus back to Lauterbrunnen. I hadn't read your other thread about the whole Zurich->Colmar->Interlaken plan when I posted.

If you wind up visiting for just part of a day you'll be disappointed if you wind up with cloudy weather when you want to see the Alps. This area is beautiful and worth some time to see.

You may need to edit some of your plan so you are trying to see fewer things with less rushing about. Personally, I'd cut Colmar to give at least 2 nights in the Lauterbrunnen area so you have one full day there. That still doesn't help if you wind up with clouds on the one day.