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Housing in Lausanne


I am a moving to Lausanne for 10 months (from mid-August 2014 to June 2015) to work at EPFL as a research fellow. I cannot obtain student housing through the university as I am not registered to take courses or receive credit for my research. I am having a bit of trouble finding housing. I would like to rent a furnished apartment with a private shower/WC and preferably within 30 min (public transit) of the university. Does anyone have advice on how to find housing? Thank you!

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Can I assume you've already dug through the University website:
As the site says, do not be too concerned about being right in the neighborhood as public transportation is excellent. When you find a place of interest, you can research the transit options and travel times.
There are other websites for finding apartments in Lausanne if you google it.

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Google Maps can help you find bus lines to EPFL, before you even move on to local web sites. Here's a transit map.