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Hotels suggestion

Hi, my family of 4 ( 2 adults, 2 children ages 14,17) will be in jungfrau are for 3 days in mid may 2020.
We want to stay in wengen for 3 days from 15 th may to 18 th may.
Can someone give hotel suggestions please?
We are thinking of silberhorn wengen and edelweiss wengen. Cannot decide btw the two.
In jungfrau area we are interested in going to grindelwald first, bapsee lake hike , schilthorn , murren , and jungfrau top of europe, swiss open air museum ,
We will try to see some of the above , first preference being grindelwald first and the activities there.
Is wengen the right place to stay?
Or should we stay in lauterbrunnen in a hotel like staubbach ?
Suggestions most needed .

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I stayed a week at the Silberhorn several years ago. Excellent hotel, very good food, and super convenient as it is steps from the Wengen train station and a short walk from the Maennlichen cable car.

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For best views stay in Wengen or Murren. We have stayed several times at Hotel Alpenrose but there are other choices. We loved having a balcony with a view.

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You’ll find lots of fans of Mürren here including myself. I really like hotel Eiger, where I’ll be staying when I return this year... sadly they’re closed until the end of May.

Wengen is good as well. And you can do all the activities you’ve listed from either. Although mid May will be tricky weather wise... it can be tricky weather wise regardless of when you go, so consider that for such a short 3 day stay.

Last year the temps in Wengen mid May were in the 20’s-30’s F. Chilly.

Lauterbrunnen could... could be more “spring like”, that time of year.

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Thanks for the suggestions ,
Should i stay in lauterbrunnen as it will be warmer.
We would be coming from temp of 35 to 40 celcius back home in mumbai , so the coolness of switzerland will be so so welcome , but will wengen be too cold?
Has anyone stayed in edelweiss hotel in wengen ? It looks to have excellent reviews.
Would have loved murren but think it would be even more colder and maybe more difficult to get to for the other activities other than schilthorn.

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I don't think I would make my choice between Lauterbrunnen or Wengen based on perceived temperature differences. For one thing, Lauterbrunnen is in a deep valley, so there is less sunlight, while Wengen sits on a sunny slope of the mountain. Of course, we assume (and hope) the sun will be shining during your visit. It could indeed be warmer during the day in Wengen than in Lauterbrunnen.

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Oh ok, allways assumed that since lauterbrunnen is at a lower altitude than wengen it will be warmer.
Thanks for all the helpful suggestions