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Hotels recommended in Zurich

We have two days to spend in Zurich before our return flight. I don't have the RS book yet and was wondering if anyone can give me hotel recommendations so I can get booked.

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Amazon sends stuff next day. And his book is usually available here on the site.

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Obviously. I was looking for personal recommendations since last book published in 2020

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We stayed at the Zurich Marriott right on the river, two blocks from the train station and the old town. I bring this up because lots of folks have Marriott or credit card points, and it's nice to have a few free nights to balance out the budget. It's a high- rise building, and with a view room we could see both ways up and down the river, and in August watch the folks jumping off the bridge and string their tight- rope lines and perform acrobatic tricks over the river. It was unexpected entertainment as we sipped our wine on our last night in Switzerland.

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We stayed 2 nights at the Hotel Adler Zurich last year, after searching for recommendations on this Forum. The hotel is “walkable” from the train station and is located in Old Town.
Although the weather was less than desirable when we were there, we walked to ALL our destinations in the city.
A bonus: a very popular restaurant specializing in fondue is on the ground floor; part of the hotel. People without reservations waited hours just to eat there. The fondue is that good.

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Mine is a "I wouldn't stay there" suggestion. The street noise was a huge problem for us at Hotel Alexander. It really interfered with our sleep.

Here are the main hotels listed in my Switzerland guidebook, (published 2018)
Hotel Leoneck
Hotel Bristol
Hotel Arlette
Hotel Alexander (see note above)
Hotel du Theatre
Hotel Marta

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Thank you all. We decided Hotel Adler looks like great fun and booked there. I appreciate all of your comments.

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I know this isn't the Trip Report section, but please let me know how Hotel Adler was! We just booked a few nights there for next spring as we are flying back to the US out of Zurich. Thanks!