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Hotels in Wengen versus Murren

I have seem similar topics, but mixed responses and not EXACTLY what I am looking for so just wanted to ask again.

My husband and I are heading to Switzerland in September, mainly to be outdoor/hike, etc. We are staying in the Bernese Oberland for about 5 days. We are between Murren and Wengen (would prefer Murren because of the views), but given all the talk of construction in Murren we are bit hesitant to stay there.

-Can anyone clear up whether this Murren construction is currently a significant issue and are there plans to have it continue for the next few months? I know no one can say for sure but wasn't sure if it really is THAT disruptive and if anyone has any clue about how long it may continue.

-Also, any hotel recommendations for Wengen? Anywhere you have stayed and loved?

Thank you in advance!

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I stayed in Murren in mid-May and the construction started about 7am and continued til about 7pm. Yes you could definitely hear it, but when you're spending much of they day on activities outside of downtown Murren, it's not a big deal. It was noticeable when we sat outside on the balcony having a pre-dinner cocktail. If you're in a hotel closer to the gondola station then it would definitely be more noticeable. We stayed at Hotel Blumental so we were a bit down the street from all of that. The views were spectacular in Murren. I can't speak to hotels in Wengen since we didn't make it there.

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We usually stay in Lauterbrunnen and still will on future trips for the convenience of being centrally located. However, we had a quickly arranged trip to the area last month and chose Wengen for the first time and we were very happy with the village. We had an apartment through the Hotel Silberhorn and they could not have been nicer to deal with.

Don’t disregard the views from Wengen: they are spectacular!

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We’ve been to the BO multiple times. We always stay at Hotel Schönegg as Carrie has mentioned. We stay there because we love that side of the Valley better. It’s very convenient to the trains and the lifts. We love the views and the owners. They have changed owners but we found the new owners just as nice as the prior owners. We do half board there but you can also do without. Really it will come down to personal preference, we just like that side of the Valley better. Planning another trip back. We met a woman there from the UK that spends a month there every summer and has for like 30 years.

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A frequent topic of discussion here.

And the favorite Hotel Bellevue has a new owner and name

Perhaps communicate with the hotel directly regarding construction noise. I'm sure they would be honest with you.

Safe travels!

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I HIGHLY recommend the Hotel Edelweiss in Wengen. Fair price, amazing staff. We loved it so much we want to go back at the earliest chance we can.

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I am in Murren right now, there is a huge construction crane spoiling the view from our apt and probably from some other hotels and apts on the Schilthorn cable car side of town. Noise inside the apt is negligible but haven’t been outside yet. I’m pretty unhappy about the spoiled view of the glorious mountains

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We stayed in Wengen on our last trip and we also preferred it for ease of transportation, compared to Murren. Easy train up from Lauterbrunnen and then you can go on to Kleine Scheidig, etc. we stayed at Hotel Baeren in Wengen and loved it. The views were amazing and the food at the restaurant was varied, fresh and local every day.

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We spent 3 nights in Murren at Hotel Alpenblick at the beginning of June. My wife and I plus 3 boys (20, 19, and 17) absolutely loved it. (town and hotel) Very relaxed atmosphere in town, especially in the evenings. We stopped in Wengen on our way up to Mannlichen and just didn't get the same vibe. It just felt very crowded.

Hotel Alpenblick is just down from the train station, so it is on the complete opposite end of town from the construction.

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We just left Murren last night. We stayed near the train station at the Eiger Guesthouse. The Guesthouse and Murren were amazing! Peaceful and relaxing and the views were gorgeous. I highly recommend staying in Murren. There was some construction near our hotel/BLM station but it never interfered with our enjoyment of the views or tranquility

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I want to second the recommendation for the Hotel Alpenblick in Murren if you are into small family hotels. It's a hotel that gets a lot of repeat, European customers who come year after year. We stayed there about many years ago, under the old owners. I enquired for mid-August and they had a double room, mountain view for 210 francs a night. That's about as reasonable as it gets for a hotel in Murren. If I were going to Murren, I'd go there again. From what everyone has asked, the Alpenblick is at the opposite end of town from any construction and has all its beautiful mountain views.

However, because we are going to do a lot of moving around this time, we've opted for Wengen. August is pretty booked up until about the 7th or 12th, but we did find a nice place and opted for half board for simplicity. I just want to stare at the mountains, take walks, relax, get out of the heat and make a couple of day trips via the valley.

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Just got back from Wengen and the Hotel Bellevue- my fav stay and best view ever- highly recommend…

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The Hotel Bellevue that Pat is referring to (now the Hotel Drei Berge) is the former Bellevue in Mürren, not in Wengen. Rest assured that Hotel Bellevue Wengen is alive and well, has the most stunning views down the Lauterbrunnen Valley below, and Judith's kitchen is positively amazing. Here's the webcam from the hotel balcony

After 28 trips to the region we now always base in Wengen. We enjoy the views from there more than those from Mürren (although many prefer Mürren's view which I find straight into rock so not my deal but everyone has their own opinion), Wengen is easier to get in/out of for day trips in the region, has more restaurants to choose from, and (again, IMO only) has more of a Swiss car-free quintessential mountain village vibe.

We always stay for at least two weeks, sometimes two or three months, so always rent a chalet/holiday flat. However, we have much experience dining at a number of hotels in town. In addition to Bellevue and the previously mentioned Schönegg, I suggest you look into Hotel Berghaus (lovely patio dining, charming staff), Edelweiss, and Alpenrose.

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We were just in Wengen for 5 nights at the end of June. We stayed at an apartment (Chalet Gerbera) with the most amazing views of the mountains and the valley and waterfalls. For the best views in Wengen, check out the hotels below the train tracks. Of course this means an uphill walk back to the station. But those views…

The views in Murren are very different. More of the mountain tops right in your face. As we walked through the town and saw and heard all the construction, we were very happy with our choice in Wengen. If you want to sit on your balcony and enjoy the view peacefully, Murren wouldn’t be my choice until the construction ends. I understand it will be another year or so.