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Hotels in Stein um Rhein

Are there any recommendations for hotels in Stein um Rhein not too far from the station? Is it better to stay there overnight or to return to one near the Zurich train station? Recommendations for either or both?? We were thinking about visiting there on the same day that we arrive. A relative way back around 1567 lived in that town.

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We visited as a day trip and I don't recall seeing a hotel. It is very charming and well worth a visit--I would probably opt for staying near Zurich airport. Perhaps Chris in Basel will add his comments.

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Sorry, I've only ever visited Stein am Rhein as a day trip. I have no info on hotels.

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I've visited the lovely Stein am Rhein during the day but never stayed overnight there.

Just a tiny bit of knowledge to perhaps help - in German "um" means "around". Stein isn't around the Rhine, it is on it. "Am" means "on" or "at". Rhein is German for Rhine. So the name is Stein am Rhein. just FYI

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Rick's books don't cover that region very well, but hotel web sites show about five hotels in town, including one in a 14th century building right on the river.