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hotel suggestions in Zurich -

this is for a honeymoon for my daughter. rates up to $250 - they would love a pool and a hot tub if possible... may be that they find that elsewhere and not in the city.

all and any advice would be greatly appreciated

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don't bother with Zurich. Instead jump on the train to Lucerne...MUCH nicer for tourists/honeymooners than Zurich.

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I know they like cities... still think Lucerne and a train up for the day?

Asked on another forum topic and asking here - hotel advice for Lucerne?

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For a hotel in Lucerne, you might have a look at

It's an easy walk from there to the river or the station, although with luggage I'd probably take a Taxi. I don't recall them having a pool and hot tub though.

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I absolutely agree about Luzern. Lake steamers dock next to the station, mountains nearby, fabulous lake, beautiful town.

Why did they pick Zürich? It is not a city that has ever done anything for me.

For a pool and hot tub at a hotel the quaint old hotel will have to go, a modern soulless high rise will have to replace it and the budget will have to go up, way up.

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For God sake don't leave honeymooners in Zurich :(

Appenzell for beautiful, wide-open country. Luzern for a little town/city surrounded by mountains and a huge lake.

Zurich only if they are into tall buildings and NYC atmosphere versus lush green hills and white-topped mountains.

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Yes, we have headed all the advice - They do love NYC - but - will be staying in Lucerne. If they feel like they want to see Zurich, they will do a train trip there.

We are looking for advice on Lucerne hotels.

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They have booked spa in Montreaus and so the other hotels won't need to have pool and hot tub. They'd like a nice, small B&B or independent hotel. Not a chain hotel.

Would love some suggestions.
Thank you