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Hiking routes in Berner Oberland

Hi everyone,

Been doing some research and couldn't quite wrap my head around how many different hiking trail options there many, so little time.

I'm going to base in Lauterbrunnen for 3 nights. Itinerary looks roughly like this:

  • Depart Lucerne early morning to Interlaken (hangg glide + hiking in the L. Valley)
  • BO
  • BO
  • Another day to spend in the BO or Interlaken (thinking about Lake Brienz...also read about the Trift Glacier and Suspension Bridge...maybe add that to the mix?) - then head over to Stresa, Italy for the night.

What are your guys' suggestions on hiking trails? We're both pretty fit and looking for a more challenging route...but we're no hiking experts either! Already decided on Jungfrau for starters.

What are your thoughts on Trift Glacier and the Suspension Bridge? Time wise, would that be doable from Lake Brienz (i'm not sure if there's a train connection from Brienz..)?


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Angela, I'm pretty sure that it would help you get the more useful answers if you could note when your trip will be. Spring, Summer, Fall?

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If you are in Brienz, the boat goes to Interlaken Ost, just a few metres from the station, but is slow.

There is also the ZentralBahn train between the two stations, very fast and quick, around the lake which runs at least hourly - it may be half hourly but I haven't checked and don't think so - and from Interlaken Ost you follow the instructions in the book to take the train up the hill and connect to your particular trailhead.

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Hi Angela,
In June, you may not find many trails open. It depends very much on the particular year, and how much snow they've had. But if you are fortunate enough to have snow-free trails at 7,000' or so, and do want a more difficult hike, I would highly recommend the ridge walk from Schynige Platte to First - spectacular scenery with Lake Brienz on one side and the Jungfrau, Monch and Eiger on the other. It takes about 6 hours to hike. To start, you would take a train from Wilderswill (between Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen) to Schynige Platte, and from First take the gondola to Grindelwald, and train back to your home base.
There are countless good options in the area, and the Tourist Information offices are great at pointing you in the direction of hikes based on the conditions and level of difficulty.
Have fun!

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Nigel and Jan, thank you for your input! Thanks everyone for bringing to my attention how snow melt will be a major factor...

Did some research to look at what's open and what's not in early June...sounds like the Mannlichen to Kleinscheidegg trail might not be open - We were thinking to take the first train up to Jungfrau then hike down, but I guess in that case, we'll just train both ways and instead hike on lower lands.

Are Schynigel Platte and Trift Suspension Bridge both dependent on snow melt??

Some trails i've been considering are Grustalp to Murren and Allenhubel, as well as Grimmelwald to Tanzbodeli and Obersteingberg and Oberhornee. Are any of those dependent on snow melt? Or maybe only the higher parts of them are?


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Robert, that looks like so much fun! but it seems like it only opens after June 15th, which means we'll miss it by a week....but i'm sure i'll go back to the BO in the future.

I think our best bet would be to play by ear...but having these trails in the back of my mind will certainly help. Thanks everyone.