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Hiking in Ticino (Locarno) - Valle Magggia or Valle Verzasca

I'll be in Switzerland in a few weeks and will have time for a little hiking and sightseeing in Ticino in the valleys north of Locarno. Looking to see if anyone out there has been to either Valle Maggia or Valle Verzasca. Which is better from a scenery and hiking perspective? Any awesome towns, sights or side valleys that are MUST sees? We have a car if that makes a difference. I've already ridden the Centovalli and spent more than enough time in Locarno, Lugano, on the boats, etc but I've never explored those valleys. Any thoughts, recs?

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I've never been to Valle Maggia and Valle Verzasca was decades ago, so this info is of marginal use: I've taken the Postbus to the end of the line in Valle Verzasca twice. Very beautiful ride, with the little waterfalls more prominent in the spring due to snow melt. Unless something has changed, I don't think you'll find any towns there, just a few small groups of houses. On my last visit (late 1980s or early 1990s!) there was one small cafe offering plates of cheese and cured meats. For comparison purposes, my mother and I both slightly preferred the Centovalli, but we agreed that Valle Verzasca was definitely worth the ride.