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Hiking in Murren

My husband and I are going on the GAS tour on August 23rd for 14 days. We will be in Murren for three days with plenty of time to go out on our own hiking. We don't want to do anything really off the beaten path. My question is two fold. What hikes would you suggest for us? We are 70 and 73, but have done quite a bit of hiking here in USA out West. I have read some reviews from people who went to Gimmelwald. Is this a trip you do on foot or do you take various means of transportation to get there? It looks as if we will have an Alpine Hike with a guide. Has anyone done this trip and how difficult is it? Secondly, would we need hiking boots for all this walking and hiking or would a good tennis shoes suffice? I am trying to keep the luggage light and our boots are a bit heavy and take up a lot of room, so if we could hike without trouble without them, we would prefer to do that. We just don't know what to expect. Any suggestions? Lastly, we will be in various towns in Germany and Austria as well. Since it will late August and early September, would it be prudent to wear sandals while in the cities? I know they need to be pretty sturdy, so any suggestions on a decent pair of sandals for women?

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barbara, its easy. Once you get there, your guide can recommend hikes for all skill and comfort levels. Its not mountain climbing, these are easy to follow trails with many other people hiking if the weather is good. Just about everywhere, including your hotel and at cable car stations, there are trail maps you can pick up with information on difficulty levels. No boots necessary. Suggestion is that you don't overthink it until you get there. The weather is a big factor in what you decide to do on any given day. Gimmelwald is about a 20 minute walk (not hike) downhill from Mürren on a paved road. A very pleasant walk, although you can ride a short cable car there or back if you feel like it.

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Ditto what Stan says. I have not done GAS but have done 21BOE with one day hiking in the area. I am sure there are hikes you can find that require hiking boots, but the trail I was on was wide and well-trodden, unlike most of the trails I hike on here in Idaho. I wore Altra Zero Drop athletic shoes and took the ones they make for trail running which have a more aggressive tread. I would have been fine without the aggressive tread.

I am not a sandal wearer, so can't help you there. I just wore my Altras in the cities and managed fine.

He is right about your guide as well. They have an excellent handle on the area and a couple of days in to the tour will be able to help you match up trails to his/her assessment of your abilities.

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"I have read some reviews from people who went to Gimmelwald. Is this a trip you do on foot or do you take various means of transportation to get there? " It's about a 10-15 minute walk down hill on a paved narrow road. All but the most arthritic can probably manage it.

"Secondly, would we need hiking boots for all this walking and hiking or would a good tennis shoes suffice?" If you just follow the ski trails, tennis shoes are probably fine. But if you go on to some of the rougher terrain at really high elevations, hiking boots are a must to protect your ankles.

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Thank you so much for all your replies. It is good to know we can get around on several trails without the heavy hiking boots!! One less thing to pack! Thank you too for the trail suggestions. I wrote them down and will take those notes with me.

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If the weather closes in a stroll down the wide trail from Muerren via Winteregg (cheese dairy) to Grutschalp follows more or less the little train between the top of the Lauterbrunnen cable car and Muerren, so if you flag out half way you can grab the train back. You can be rewarded with views under the clouds and between the fog banks across the valley to see Wengen perched on an alp.

Always a good idea if not wearing hiking boots to keep an eye out for the freshness of the cow deposits which you will see from time to time. All those lovely brown cows don't respect the trails and paths that they cross or are herded down.

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You are Murren lover, but I assume that similar trails exist on the other side from Wengen to Lauterbrunnen (or vice versa) as well, don't they?

Also, in the link that you have posted, is there any trail that can take an ineperienced hiker, such as a kid (and parents, of course), all the way from Murren to Lauterbrunnen?



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I just wanted to mention hiking shoes. These hybrids are much lighter than a traditional boot, yet offer comfort and support.
I have a pair by Ahnu that I just love that I purchased at REI. These are so comfortable and versatile that they can be worn while "hiking" through cities as well as on trails.

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There are two main routes down the cliff from Muerren to Lauterbrunnen, straight down from Winteregg or down the path to Gimmelwald and then around and down towards Stechelberg and then along the valley floor.

Or - a hang glider or paraglider right over the cliff edge and down to the valley floor and then into Lauterbrunnen.