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Hiking - Best Recommendations in Bernese Oberland


I am planning some solo hikes in the Bernese Oberland. I am firm on:
- Murren Northface
- Murren to Gimmelwald
- Lauterbrunnen Valley
- Mannlichen Panorama and Eiger Trail

Have a bit more time to add in one more. For those who have hiked in the region - if you could choose only one - ??
- Schydeig Platte
- Bachalpsee (via Grindelwald-First cable car)

I realize there is a long hike connecting both, but as a solo traveler of average fitness level, I am reluctant to go 6+ hours alone.

Unless there are other moderate hikes with awesome scenery I am overlooking?

Looking forward to the conversation!


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Either of these are fine. Schnigge Platte was fun though my spouse who has a fear of heights when there is no rail and is just open didn’t do well on some small parts of the razor edge of some of the trail up there. Honestly get a trail map, there are so many good ones, and also have a backup for rainy days.

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You have to go up to to Jungfrau and do the glacier hike on the snow it is 45 minutes but you can always turnaround if it is too much as many do.

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Not sure if it's part of the Eiger Trail or not but hiking below Kleine Scheidgg to Wengernalp is scenic.

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Of the two, I prefer Bachalpsee, but you can see for yourself. Click on my name and you'll find a link to our dozen favorite hikes in the area, with pics and maps.

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I agree with Shoe——if you are not hiking the whole Panoramaweg from Schynige Platte to First, then start at the First end. As the Bachalpsee is stunning. But that is a short hike, so consider continuing on to the Faulhorn mountain hut for lunch or a snack. The position of this Berghotel offers great views all around.

As for the suggestion to hike down to Wengernalp from Kleinescheidegg—-I assume by “Eiger trail” you mean the Eiger Northface Trail, which as the name suggests passes below the north face of the Eiger. This is on the Grindelwald side of the Maennlichen ridge from Wengernalp. And the trail starts at the Eigergletscher station above Kleine Scheidegg—-you cannot reach the trail directly form Kleine Scheidegg.

When I did the Eiger Northface trail we took the Jungfrau train up from KS to Eigersgletscher Station, but Laurel recently posted an announcement of a new gondola or cablecar that takes one there without the train, I believe from Grindelwald.

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FYI for the Schynige Platte the train trip is very slow. It was fun one way but the return was too much time-on-butt for us.

If you do Backalpsee (as Lola says, it is on the short side) and still want more, you can hike from First to Grosse Scheidegg and take the bus back into Grindelwald. That would make a pretty full day of activity for us.

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Wow - thanks to all for the great input! Depending on how the weather and transport all work out, I may have actually found a way to do both S.P. and Bachalpsee. I think I will have to be an early riser on vacation. :)

Shoe - Having clicked on your link, I have actually seen your website before in making my travel plans! So helpful, especially for the Murren hikes, which seem a little harder to get information about. I am staying in Murren, so looking forward to the Murren Northface/Sprutz hike.

Lola - I do mean the Eiger North Face trail. My plan was to go by cable car to Mannlichen, walk the Panorama trail to Kleine Scheidegg, then grab the train to Eigergletscher to hike down the North Face trail to Alpiglen. Time permitting, I may be able to get up to First/Bachalpsee after this but am worried about having enough time to enjoy everything and make the last cable car down.

Laurel - I will have to look into Grosse Scheidegg, haven't explored that side of the trail map.


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Yes!--Early riser, if for no other reason than that the showers tend to come in the afternoon.