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Help with rail prices between countries: Traveling Lucerne, Switzerland to Nice, France on June 3


I am familiar with the various country rail sites but don't know how to find the price of rail ticket and how to book when travel extends over several countries in one journey. I would like to travel from Lucerne, Switzerland to Nice, France on one day or break it up with an overnight in Milano, Italy. My date of travel is June 3rd if anyone is able to look into it for me. Any suggestions on how to get the best fare and how to book across country lines? Thank you.


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Usually you book on the website of the country you are starting in. If it involves a connecting train in the second (or third) country you may have to do that as a separate booking.
A trip from Luzern to Nice does not necessarily go through Milan. That is one possible route, another is a train via Geneva:

Luzern depart 09:00, Genève arrive 11:46
Genève depart 12:42, Nice Ville arrive 19:05

The site is currently giving a price from CHF 125 for this connection on 3rd June.

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Luzern to Milan look up at There is a direct train at 8:47 plus there are trains every 2 hours connecting to the an EC train. You can even do the "William Tell" route starting with a boat ride from Luzern to Fluelen where you get the direct train to Milan.
There is a direct train from Milan to Nice operated by Thello.
With an overnight in Milan, book two separate tickets