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4d Lucerne &Interlaken area incl. Glacier Express - Help with itinerary


My itinerary looks like this. I have few questions at the end. Please help

28 May - Arrive in Lucerne by 2PM

  • Spend rest of the day visiting old town and seeing city

  • 29-May - Mt titlis and boat ride in Lucerne

-30-May - Go to Interlacken and go to Mt Jungfraujoch

31-May and 1st june - Not sure what else to cover.?

2nd Jun- Head back to Germany

  • Please suggest if this is doable and places to cover for 31-May and 01-Jun

  • what is the glacier express route in my itinerary?

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My advice is to be flexible in your dates to go up mountains, you need good weather. If the forecast is cloud, switch days around so you keep the good days for mountains.

Titlis and the boat ride could be a full day each. You can get a boat to the far end of the lake (Flüelen) and get a train back.

Luzern old town deserves more than the second half of your arrival afternoon.

Doing the Jungfrau as a day trip from Luzern may not be possible unless you start really early. It takes a number of hours to get even to the foot of the mountain from Luzern.
Look up times on the SBB website:

A possible solution is to stay the last 2 nights in a location at the bottom of the Jungfrau (Mürren, Wengen, Lauterbrunnen or Grindelwald), and head north to Germany directly from there.
see this website:

The Glacier Express route is nowhere near Luzern. It runs east-west through the Alps well south of Luzern. You would be needing to do a circuit with overnight stops to do that route.
The rail route from Luzern to the Jungfrau region (via Interlaken) is scenic and a good substitute.

Finally, you are doing this by rail I assume?

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Thanks. Yes. I am planning this by train.

Suppose if I don’t do Jungfraujoch, which other places would you suggest?

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There are lots of trails around Murren, Lauterbrunnen, Wengen, or Grindlewald with fantastic mountain views if you skip the Jungfraujoch.

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Which direction do you need to go to return to your destination in Germany? Or to be specific, what is your German destination? How early do you need to head north on the 2nd of June.

I absolutely agree that going to the Jungfraujoch and anything above Lauterbrunnen as a day trip is both risky because the weather is almost always better in the morning because the clouds start to pop up at or before noon, but also because if you are arriving 2 or 3 hours after the early birds puts you right in the scrum of the tour buses and all those other day trippers.

Staying in the Lauterbrunnen Valley puts you ahead of the Interlaken crowd too.

I've been in the scrum and had to suck in my stomach on the cable cars (and had to wait for the next one twice), and I've been early and had the place relatively to myself. I know which I prefer.

Just giving yourself one day to gamble on the weather is a gamble - after traveling and spending all that money it isn't a gamble I want to take.

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I need to go to Munich and am planning to leave by 2PM on 02-Jun.
Just to let you know I am travelling with wife and 3 year old kid.

Mostly I will drop Jungfraujoch. Appreciate if you can suggest places for last 3 days after covering Lucerne