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Help with 7 day Switzerland Trip

I have been to Switzerland before and I"m excited because I get to go back for a short stay this time. I figured for my first trip I would just hop on trains to go places thinking it would be easy, I WAS WRONG!!! So for this second trip I want to get help/advice for what I should do. I will be in Switzerland from September 3rd to 9th. I will be staying in Bern from the 3rd to 7th; from there my plan is to go to Glacier 3000, Zermatt and doing the Chocolate Train (if it is worth it). I'll spend that last 2 night in Lucerne and from there my plan is to go to Grindelwald and Interlaken and Mount Pilatus. Last time I was there I bought tickets the day of for everything but I learned close to the end of my trip that I could have gotten most of my trips for a lower fare had I got a certain type of passes. So hopefully someone can help me figure out how to buy the correct tickets. For going to Zermatt I"m going to take the long mountain route to get there but I'm hoping to take the faster way through a tunnel going back to Bern. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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As a start, there is the 8-day Swiss Travel Pass for 419 CHF, 2nd class. That should cover most of your travel. You'll get 50% discount on Glacier 3000 r/t and Mt Pilatus r/t.

There may be less expensive ways to go, like getting a Half Fare Card and buying tickets as you go, or using Saver Day Passes. You really need to map out the cost of each and every journey. The Half Fare Card costs 120 CHF. Then all tickets a 50%.

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What do you mean when you said you thought it would be easy to hop on a train and go places? I want to try and plan a trip and take trains instead of having to rent a car. Why was it not easy?

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I shouldn't say it was hard, just confusing because there are so many different train names that you want to make sure you get on the right train with the ticket you bought. I got around to every place by train, just had to pay good attention to what you're doing, I ended up paying more rhan i should have because of not getting on the right train for the ticket I bought. The half fare card mentioned above makes a lot of sense now that I've gone there before. Hope that helps