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Help: Visa

Planning to visit Switzerland for 10 days. Tourist. Questions:

1) I’m a US Citizen with US passport. Don’t need a visa but I read I will require “extra documents” Bank statements, credit card, where I’m staying etc... and list goes on. Do I need everything on this list ? Or will one suffice ? Is there a form I need to fill out ? When do I present these documents ? If so where do I get this form ? Or I’m I good with only my passport ?

2) My wife is a permanent legal (has card) resident of the USA, with a Mexican passport. Does anyone know what will be required of her ?

Tried YouTube videos and they all in Indian.
Read Ricks Steve’s book nothing mentioned.
Emailed Swiss embassy and no reply
Called embassy no answer, lunch break may be, who knows ?


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Mexican and US passports are treated the same by Schengen immigration. All you need is your passport with at least 3-6 months remaining on it before it expires. I’ve heard tales of immigration officers asking to see lodging reservations or return flight info. Nothing more than that. With that you are allowed to stay up to 90 days.

What you were looking at (bank statements etc) were either for people from countries requiring a visa or for long stay visas (like if you wanted to stay past 90 days). 10 days with US and Mexican passports don’t require anything like that. Show up with a valid passport and that’s it.

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Retired diplomat speaking here.

  1. Check Foreign Ministry website of the country to which you intend to travel (or call or email). This is the best source of accurate information.

  2. Contact your country's Foreign Ministry or Embassy/Consulate in the country in which you are residing (website, call or email) to get the information

Obtaining the information you need directly from the source is always the best plan of action. Reciprocity changes, fees change, documental evidence requirements change, sometimes without advance notice. The suggestions made here are solid, I don't doubt, but why not go straight to the source? It may take more than one phone call or email depending on the country. True, some of them don't answer at all, but don't make the mistake of traveling with second-hand information. Sometimes it comes back to bite you.

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You both will be fine with just your passport, your wife will want to carry her Permanent Resident card with her, especially for re-entry to the US, they may want it with her passport in Europe, but only if they have a question about her residency.

As for the other documents, yes, those are all things that technically you can be asked for upon entry, but in reality, for a short visit, it will not be a concern.

You likely will be asked "how long are you staying?" generally your answer is accepted, but having your itinerary handy, showing a return flight might be handy.

You will also likely be asked what the purpose of your visit is, tourism is accepted with no further proof.

You may be asked where you are staying, having a Hotel address available, even if it is just where you are anticipating staying, is handy.

If your answer to the first question was 2 or 3 months, then they might ask about insurance and financial information, but not for a short stay. No forms are filled out, you just present yourself to an immigration officer.

All of this questioning and presentation of documents will occur at your first stop in the Schengen Zone, which sounds like Switzerland, but you do not mention any details about your flights.