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Help please! Need immediate help with itinerary

Hi. We are in Murren, have been for 6 nights. Weather could not be better, having wonderful time. Next stop is Bern for 3 nights then Lucerne for 3 nights. We are definitely going to Lucerne but we are wondering if we should be extending our stay here in Murren for another 3 nights & forget about Bern. Would we really be missing anything in Bern? I know, tough problem to have right?
Would love to hear from anyone that has been in both places. Need to decide ASAP.

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I like Bern quite a lot, but if you are having good weather in the mountains, you should stay there. All too often the Swiss weather is not conducive to outdoor activity. Make hay while the sun shines.

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If you are enjoying yourself, why move on to a city? I'm sure Bern is a nice town, but the only reason I'd go to Bern is to ride on the same tram where Albert Einstein envisioned what traveling at near the speed of light would look like. Still trying to wrap my head around that one.

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Bern is worth a day trip not a 3 night stay. Stick with Muerren! We are in Lauterbrunnen (arrived yesterday) and isn’t it glorious? Best weather we’ve ever had here!

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Okay, you sold me! Not that I needed that much convincing! Yes, the weather here is glorious, I cannot leave. Whoopie! We will stop in Bern on way to Lucerne if they have luggage holds to check it out for a few hours.
Thanks all.

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The better train trip from Interlaken to Luzern is the narrow gauge cog railway Zentralbahn via the Brünig Pass and Meiringen. Sit on the right hand side leaving Interlaken and you will have the Brienzersee and its boats to look at all the way to Brienz. Then when the train changes ends at Meiringen turn around but stay on the same side, and you will see the lake again as you climb up into the forest and and the pass (on the rack). Best views that same side as you pass the mountain lakes, and then down the slope eventually into Luzern. Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstättersee) will make a brief appearance on the right hand side just after the stop for the cog railway up the mountain from Alpnachstad.

If you go the flatland route via Bern the Thunersee will be on the right for a few minutes and then there will be a lot of industry into and out of Bern.

Yes, most main train stations in Switzerland, including Bern and Luzern, and Interlaken Ost, have lockers.

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Stay in Murren longer! Not much in Bern. If you wonder what to do each day (I typically stay there 10 days), click on my name, and in my profile you'll find a link to our dozen favorite trails in the area, with pics and maps.

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I agree with the others to stay in Mürren. Perhaps you can make a stopover in Bern for the day on your way to the next destination?

We did this while traveling from Mürren to Lausanne. Rick has a great self-guided walking tour in his guidebook that leaves right from the train station. We had a nice lunch at the restaurant over looking Bear Park. Also, it was easy to store our luggage for the day in the lockers at the Bern rail station.

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I liked Bern a lot--for about 6 hours. The town has a totally different vibe from the other Swiss towns I've visited. The fountains are fun, they have an amazing clock tower, the Einstein museum within the larger history museum is quite wonderful for Einstein fans. We day tripped from Lucerne, but you could also day trip from Murren.