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Help needed to identify the hotel (chalet) where I stayed

Calling all Swiss travel experts' help in identifying the charming chalet where I stayed over 20 years ago when I was kid... I'm very so hoping to find the same place to relive the beautiful moments!

My first trip to Europe was with a crazy organized tour, visiting almost 10 countries in 25 days. I was just a kid with little experience traveling abroad. It was all an overwhelming experience with limited memories of where I had gone/ what done.

However, there was one memory that has stayed with me all these year... an overnight stay in one of the charming swiss chalet type hotel. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any info (tour itinerary, business card, asking my family members who were on the same trip) of the place. Here are a few data points:

  • might be in/around Lucerne (as it's the only one primary destination in that country)
    • hotel located on a hill
    • 3-4 story chalet with just enough rooms for our tour group of 30 (15-20 rooms?)
    • vast grassy area in the back yard where lovely cow bells ringing heard throughout the day
    • I stayed in one of the rooms with windows on the backside of the chalet.. direct long distance view faces mountains with valley in between.... dream like
    • room decor was traditional at the time, basic amenities, comfortable, low key
    • there's a outdoor platform (big balcony) where breakfast was served; fog blocked the view of the valley in the morning

Any potential leads would help! I plan to check out the hotel websites to see if I could find it..


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