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Help me decide which pass to buy for Switzerland

I will be traveling to Switzerland in October. I plan to buy a pass, but am not sure if I should buy individual tickets through SBB, buy a Eurail pass or buy a Swiss Pass. I will be traveling 6 days by train. PLUS, I plan to take the Glacier Express. Thanks in advance for your advice

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OK, forget the Eurail Pass. Your choice is now between individual tickets with the 30 day Half Fare Card (cost 120 chf), and the Swiss Pass. Is it to be 6 days continuous or 6 days total? Add up all your train journey prices using the site (keeping in mind the first price shown assumes a Half Fare Card is being used). Compare with the pass prices and you have your answer. Also, passes and HF cards do not cover the Glacier Express reservation fee.

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Switzerland is one of the few railway systems left which have flat pricing with no advance bookings.
There is no financial incentive to book early and all tickets are valid on all trains.
If you opt for individual tickets, just buy them on the day from a ticket machine at the station, or the manned ticket window.
You can buy passes at border stations, at Zürich airport station, or online here: where it explains all the options and validity rules.

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Six days by train within what time period? If it's an 8-day or 15-day travel window, there are consecutive-day passes for those durations that also cover a lot of museums, buses, boats, and local trams, plus 50% off most of higher mountain lifts. The Swiss Travel Pass no longer offers a 6-day flexi-style pass (spreading travel over a month); those choices also jump from 4 travel days to 8. Special offers sometimes come up for fall travel; check for them shortly before your trip. There's no rush to buy a pass (and you can't buy it more than 6 months ahead).