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Heading straigth from Mürren to Zurich Airport for an intercontinental flight home departing 18.00hs

I am facing a dilemma, Spend an extra night in Murren or stay a night before my departure in Lucerne or Zürich?
Flights departs around 18.00hs to Madrid for a layover and then for a direct flight near midnight to South America (11 hs direct flight home)

I have been before 5 nights in Mürren, 3 nights in Lucerne and have done the RS Zurich Walk coming from a night in Lucerne before taking a similar flight to Madrid, so, I know all the places, train stations and cities. This time I am going with my wife and in a shorter trip, so if it is for me, I want to expend and extra night in Mürren (5 instead of 4) instead of adding a night in Lucerne or Zurich (both cities I really liked, even the underrated Zurich)

Fatigue, Uncertainity (river flooding in the Lauterbrunnen Valley river for example) or thers you might point out

Any or all answers of this question will help:
1. Did you did Mürren to Zurich Airport the same day of your departure for a intercontinental flight before? How it went? Would yo do it again? Why?
2. Did you decided in the past against going from Mürren to Zurich Airport the same day of your departure for a intercontinental before? How it went? Any regretes? Would yo do it again? Why?
3. What are your personal concerns about deciding between 5 nights in Mürren or 4 nights in Mürren with 1 night in Lucerne or Zurich?

Thanks, in advance, I understand is a personal decission based on trade-offs I have to make, I just want to hear some feedback from this great community so I can get some help to order my ideas and take a final resolution

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I don't have experience making this journey but looking at the schedules you have departures every half hour from Lauterbrunnen to Zurich Airport with 2 changes and a total journey time of about 2hr 45min. With a 6pm flight you have plenty of time to play with.

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Thanks David,

yes, you are right, there are around 3 hours betwenn Mürren and Zurich Airport Underground Station and many connections a day. I appreciate your opinion.

And for the rest of the community, please, feel free to post your experience or opinion, thanks

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If you are worried about flooding in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, that will be the least of your worries. I've never seen it, much less heard of it. The channels are very well controlled.

Are you traveling in April?

If you are looking for justification to leave for the flatlands so you can be in Zurich for a day I'm afraid it won't come from me. But if you are a worrywart and being down on the flat would reassure you, then you should do that. You shouldn't come on holiday to worry.

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The Swiss Transportation Network is the ONLY network I would trust to get me to the airport on time from that distance. Yes, I would do it. In fact I AM doing it in June 2017.

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Thanks Bruce, Nigel and Tim, great feedbacks!!

I am going in June, Nigel, thanks for asking that detail

I would love to heard other voices, too, thanks in advance!

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I love staying in ZRH before flying out but I always fly out early.

6 pm? Stay in Muerren and take the train into ZRH in time for your flight. No worries.

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River flooding in the Lauterbrunnen Valley? I've never heard of that happening and not sure why it would be a concern now?

As your flight isn't until 18:00, I'd probably spend the last night in Mürren as you have lots of time to get to ZRH. In any other country, I'd probably spend the last night close to the airport but Switzerland is different. The Swiss transportation system in excellent and very punctual, and I wouldn't expect any problems there (of course there are never any guarantees).

I don't like changing hotels for one night, so that's another reason I'd spend another night in Mürren.

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I agree with the others, stay in Murren. A 1800 departure gives you plenty of time and options. Any earlier, I would be hesitant.

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Thanks for all your insights about the subject

I appreciate the contribution of all the participants

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To be fair, the river that runs through Lauterbrunnen (I forget the name) does flood seasonally, but this usually occurs in April or May. And the flooding doesn't affect the roads or public transportation, it only overflows it's banks into some of the surrounding pastures. Unlike parts of the US, the Swiss are smart enough not to build any infrastructure in an area that floods predicatably.