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Half fare card - train from Lauterbrunnen to Milan?

I am looking into the price difference for our travel inside Switzerland with and without the half fare card. Would this card cover the train from Lauterbrunnen to Milan? The itinerary would be: Lauterbrunnen - Interlaken Ost - Spiez - Milano Centrale on the SBB website. It's listed at 70.10 CHF, so would this be 35.05 CHF with the half fare card?

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The Half Fare card only halves the cost of the ticket as far as Domadossola—- the part covered by a Swiss Travel Pass. Not the rest of the way to Milan.

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No, the half fare Card only works to Domodossola, Italy.
Also, the price you quote of 70.10 CHF sounds like discounted advance purchase fare. Usually the discount off the full fare price exceeds the Half Fare discount, The SBB site should show this when you get the price quote. There is a box where you add your discount, so try it with no discount and with the half fare discount and see what the difference is, if any.