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Half-Fair Card and booking Golden Pass from US

I am flying out to EU on Wednesday 7/29 but will not be in Switzerland until 8/6. Is it possible for me to book my 1st class Golden Pass train with the half-fare reduction today, prior to purchasing the half-fare card? I seem to have struck out with any way to purchase the half-fare card from the US, at least this close to travel. That being said, is there any way to make these purchases from Italy when I arrive on 7/30? Or even simpler, is there a way to purchase this half-fare card online?

Thank you in advance!

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You don't need to have the half fare card in your hand when you make the purchase, but you do need to have it in your hand on the train when your ticket is inspected.

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Thank you Nigel. Where I am bit stuck is that when I attempt to purchase the tickets online it asks me for the card # associated with the half-fare card - which I don't currently have. I was hoping to secure my Golden Pass tickets today, but purchase the pass once I arrive in Switzerland.

Does anyone know a way to purchase them without having a valid half-fare card # handy?